The Central Election Committee of the RSO has accepted the next documents set


The Central Election Committee of the RSO has accepted five more documents set from the initiative groups nominating the following candidates for the Presidency of the Republic: Merab Chigoev (the deputy of the RSO Parliament),Khokh Gagloev (a businessman), Akhsar Vaneev (a businessman), Alan Pliev (the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the RSO), the nominee of the party «Unity«, the Minister for Emergency Situations of the RSO Anatoly Bibilov.It has been noted that for today the Central Election Committee accepted documents from 21 initiative groups and two political parties.«Except the initiative group nominating Alan Pliev as the Presidentialcandidate,no one of the othershas been registered at the Central Election Committee.

At present subscription lists were handed over in the Republican Central Election Committee only by two initiative groups supporting Alan Kochiev and Vladimir Kelekhsaev. According to the legislation, the ten-day term for checking the subscription lists of these initiative groupswill expire tomorrow», - has been underlined at the Central Election Committee.It should be reminded that on November, 13 elections of the head of the state will be conducted in South Ossetia. At the same time the referendum on the Russian language status will be held in the Republic.

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