Days of the Ossetian culture in Sochi have passed with a bang

Mon, 31/10/2011 - 10:58

Promotion of vibrant cultural identity of the people of Ossetia and strengthening the intercultural relations in the North Caucasus has become one of the main ideas of organizers of the festival, which was held in the Russian capital for future Olympic Games - Sochi. During 10 days the prominent cultural figures of Russia, famous politicians and public figures, heads of the Ossetian diaspora from the Russian cities and Europe, the inhabitants of Sochi were participating in the festival "Days of the Ossetian culture in Sochi," timed to the tenth anniversary of the local Ossetian national cultural public organization "Alania".

Today the closing ceremony of the festival has taken place. The solemn farewell ceremony of the music festival "Days of the Ossetian culture in Sochi" was concluded by playing of the Mariinsky Theater Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Mariinsky Theatre soloists and the laureate of the international competitions Zlata Chochieva (piano). All those days in Sochi the talents from Ossetia and Russia were presenting their skills at the concerts; exhibitions, round tables, and sporting events have also been organized. Exhibition project, called "Ossetia-Russia: on the way of feat", has become one of the most important elements of the days of the Ossetian culture program. Unique exhibits from collections of the North Ossetian National Museum and the South Ossetian local history, geography and culture museum have been selected for its holding. "Ossetia voluntarily joined Russia in 1774, and passed the whole fighting way with the great country, and our aim was to show the way of feat through numerous things. We were thoroughly selecting the exhibits on the basis of fact that every detail should tell about the feat of arms of generals, officers and soldiers, how the natives of the republic were acting in the name of glorification of their country", - the veteran of the museum Maria Betoeva said. In the Sochi Art Museum from the first days of the forum the exhibition of the Ossetian artist Makharbeg Tuganov`s paintings has also been held - organizers of the Days of Culture of the Republic decided to present his works to the Sochi residents due to the fact that 2011 had been declared in South Ossetia as a year of the great master, who would have turned to be 130 years old. 46 works from the museum collections of North Ossetia, and 22 works from the collections of South Ossetia have been exhibited there. Days of the Ossetian culture in Sochi were holding in a big way. Contemplation of beauty will leave a deep trace in hearts of the organizers, participants and guests of the forum. Everything that was happening at the forum, has become the illustrative example of mutual relationship, strengthening ties of friendship and once again showed the whole world that preserving our individuality, we feel that we are united; we are the integrated Russian people. In short, the organizers of the forum in Sochi succeeded in holding the festival.

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