Eskin Avigdor: There is no doubt that the election has corresponded to the standards accepted all over the world


I doubt whether someone than people of Israel would realize better and fall in love with those people who struggle for their independence and have proved in practice the ability to face the history calls in full with dignity. It has been declared by a member of the international organization on supervision over the elections CIS-EMO from Israel Eskin Avigdor at the informational centre «Presidential elections and a referendum - 2011». According to him the people of South Ossetia have won in the battlefield and are worthy to live in peace and even in something to be an example for others. «What we have seen today- is the harmonious process of elections. There is no doubt that these elections corresponded to all parameters accepted all over the world», - he has underlined.

The observer has noticed that in many countries there are processes of disintegration, rewriting of the Second World War history, revanchism, extremism, neo-Nazism, Islamism in its worst kind. «You have also acted with the next initiative of strengthening the status of the Russian language- the language, which was common for people, living in the territory of the USSR. Each nation has its essence, individual, culture and generality. People of Alania have great and ancient history. But Russian language was common for us, first of all. And the example you are giving, formalizing the Russian language the state status, is the worthy example and emulation in all the former countries of the USSR», - Avigdor Eskin has underlined. He has expressed hope that this initiative will be not only the example, and it will lay a foundation between the different nations in the Caucasus and other people of the former USSR.

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