The Central Electoral Committee of South Ossetia has announced preliminary results of voting of elections and a referendum in figures


According to the Chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of South Ossetia, preliminary results of the counting of votes in the presidential elections and the referendum indicate that according to 78 polling stations this hour from 86 candidates no one has collected 50 % votes and the second round of presidential elections in the Republic of South Ossetia – is inevitable.
The votes were divided as follows:
Anatoly Bibilov (the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations) - 23, 8 %;
Alla Dzhioeva (ex-Minister of Education) - 24, 6 %;
Alan Kotaev (the Deputy Mayor of Tskhinval) - 8, 3 %;

Vladimir Kelekhsaev (the deputy of the RSO Parliament of the IV convocation) - 6, 1 %;
Alan Pliev (the Deputy Minister for Foreign affairs of the RSO) - 0, 8 %;
Vadim Tskhovrebov (director the of the bakery products enterprise in Tskhinval) - 9,3 %;
Georgy Kabisov (the chairman of the State committee of information and mass communications of the RSO) - 7, 2 %;
Dmitry Tasoev (the leader of the RSO unregistered party "Social democrat") - 8, 6 %;
Sergey Bitiev (the chief bailiff of the Republic) - 3,2 %;
Dzhemal Dzhigkaev (ex-Minister of Health) - 0.9 %;
Soslan Tedety (a commanding officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) - 1 %.
Thus, according to the preliminary results of the Central Electoral Committee of the RSO Anatoly Bibilov and Alla Dzhioeva will contest in the second ballot. It should be reminded that the second ballot should be held not later than in 15 days from the date of announcement of results of the first ballot. At holding the second round the elections will be recognized successful if more than 30 % of the citizens included in the lists of voters take part in the election process. The winner of the second round of elections is elected by the simple majority of the votes. As to the results of the referendum on the Russian language status in the RSO, according to the Chairman of the Central Electoral Committee Bella Plieva the majority has voted pro.

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