South Ossetian scientist has participated in the International Conference on Archaeology

Thu, 08/12/2011 - 11:49

Director of the South Ossetian Research Institute Robert Gagloyty has taken part in the III-d Abkhazian international archaeological conference, held in Sukhum. As Robert Gagloyty has told reporters, besides South Ossetia more than 80 scientists from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany arrived in Abkhazia to participate in the conference. "The conference was dedicated to the memory of Doctor of History, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia Georgy Shamba.

On behalf of the Abkhazian leadership we were greeted by the Prime Minister Leonid Lakerbaya "- Gagloyty said. He noted that in addition to the plenary sessions the participants were working in sections. "The conference was divided into sectional areas of activities: "Stone Age and Bronze," "Early iron and antiquity," "Middle Ages", " Protection of the Archaeological Heritage. " "I have presented a report titled "The Cult of Horse – as the part of spiritual life of the ancient Ossetian people ", which has underlined the importance of the rituals associated with a horse or a horse's head, as a head plays an important role in mythology and folklore of all Indo-European people and other tribes in Europe, the Caucasus and Asia, "- Gagloyty has emphasized. As the Director of the Institute the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia has informed, the Abkhazian Institute of Humanitarian Studies, named after D. Gulia, State Department of RA on protection of historical and cultural heritage, Abkhazian State Museum, Abkhazian State University, State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow), Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) participated in organizing of the conference. He also added that the guests had been provided with rich cultural program, including the sightseeing.

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