South Ossetian leader of opposition has noted the positive dynamics of negotiations with the authorities


Acting President of South Ossetia Vadim Brovtsev met with the ex-presidential candidate of South Ossetia, the leader of the South Ossetian opposition Alla Dzhioeva. The meeting was held behind closed doors. According to both sides, the dialogue was rather constructive. "We are grateful to the President for his positive steps. He has listened attentively to all our positions. Moreover, for the first time I heard this question: ''What are your suggestions? The dialogue will be continued. All the issues we identified have been perceived by Brovtsev positively, and we are looking forward for further constructive dialogue", - Dzhioeva told the journalists after the meeting. She added that she had handed over a package of documents, among them - the Supreme Court's decision on canceling the elections, - to the legal department of the president, so that they would offer their expertise.

"The next meeting will be held in the near future, the date will be stipulated later. Those political aspects that I have identified earlier, should be implemented within the law", - the ex-presidential candidate has stressed. At the same time Dzhioeva did not exclude the possibility of her inauguration, saying that "it's a matter of time and the result of negotiations with the authorities." Acting President Vadim Brovtsev, in turn, also noted the positive dynamics of negotiations. "I have aimed all the efforts at the benefit of the people, taking into account the opinion of all voters," - Vadim Brovtsev told IA "Res" after the meeting. It has been reported earlier that January 18 Alla Dzhioeva declared about withdrawing her signature under the compromise agreement with the ex- president of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity, signed December, 9, and demanded to transfer her power as the elected president. January 21 the opposition rally was held in Tskhinval, where A. Dzhioeva announced her intention to declare January 23 the date of her inauguration. Dzhioeva also read out her letters to the Acting President of the Republic Vadim Brovtsev, in the latter of which she declared of her withdrawal from the compromise agreement for resolving the political crisis following the elections in November, 2011 and demanded to transfer her power. Press office of the Acting President of South Ossetia Vladimir Brovtsev January 21 issued a message, calling the withdrawal of Dzhioeva from the agreement with Eduard Kokoity, an attempt to "disrupt the process of resolving the political crisis in the Republic."

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