Eduard Kokoity has officially announced his resignation as the president of South Ossetia


South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity has officially announced his resignation at the meeting with the public of the Republic and delegated his authority to Prime Minister Vadim Brovtsev. "I'm leaving, but I will struggle for further consolidation of the society, for strengthening of the statehood of South Ossetia. I'm going to work even harder for the people, it is my aim in life-the aim for struggle, and each of us must be filled with a sense of duty that no political ambitions should be above the interests of people"- Kokoity said, addressing to the public.

According to him, the authorities of the Republic managed to prevent the "orange revolution" and didn`t admit the criminal to seize power, using, as a cover, political ambitions. "Yes, we`ve won the Orange Revolution. South Ossetia will always be with Russia, and we will not allow anyone to stain our gratitude to Russia for some political ambitions, we took an oath in 1774 when we joined the Great Russia", - Kokoity has underlined. He appealed to the people of the Republic with a call for consolidation."We should not allow ourselves to be led by those who want to split our society and stain our independence. South Ossetia has always been and will be with the great Russia. Russia is the only strategic partner for South Ossetia, and we will not allow anyone to strain our relations", - E. Kokoity said. "We do not allow anyone from abroad to bring the Ossetian people to knees" - he has emphasized. The head of the state has said that Brovtsev will to take office of the Acting President from December 11, while the new president elected on March 25, 2012 has taken the oath. He has also noted that South Ossetia has a new political calendar, which includes the date of March 25, 2012, and he urged people to take responsibility and political culture, and vote for a bright and courageous future of the country, so that "we would have not been ashamed to face each other."Eduard Kokoity said he was proud of the fact that his parents could live with their heads held up, "because I have never disgraced them." According to the Ossetian traditions the public of South Ossetia presented three pies and the honorable cup of the Ossetian beer to the just resigned Eduard Kokoity, thereby expressing their gratitude and respect to their leader. It happened at the ceremony of transferring of presidential power to the Prime Minister of South Ossetia Vadim Brovtsev. Advisor to the President Merab Zasseev said that South Ossetia would always remember the achievements of Eduard Kokoity, who had attained the independence for the Republic. Eduard Kokoity, in turn, proposed a solemn toast in which he prayed for a happy future of Ossetia.

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