Tarzan Kokoity is running for president of South Ossetia


A meeting of the action group, nominating the parliament deputy of the first four convocations, coordinator of the Ossetian Popular Front Tarzan Kokoity as president of South Ossetia, has been held today in Tskhinval. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Central Election Committee. Representatives of t intelligentsia and the business community of South Ossetia have supported the candidacy of Tarzan Kokoity. The presidential aspirant thanked everyone for their support and trust. "Situation in South Ossetia is difficult.

People are at a moral, psychological and spiritual deadlock, we need to overcome this deadlock, because we can lose at once all that has been acquired during the long 20 years. If I am elected I will do everything to ensure my people to live in dignity "- Kokoity has underlined. He also said that all the responsibility would be assigned to the future president of South Ossetia and declared his readiness to assume the responsibility in the name of the bright future of South Ossetia.
It should be noted, that for today the Central Election Committee has registered 12 action groups nominating candidates for the presidency of the Republic: Deputy Defense Minister Igor Alborov, former Chairman of the State Committee of Information, Communication and Mass Media of South Ossetia Georgy Kabisov, Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Yuri Dzitstsoity, a Chairman of the RSO Chamber of Commerce Roin Kozaev, ex-Chairman of the Committee of Transportation Maurice Sanakoev, RSO parliamentary deputy of the IVth convocation Sergei Zasseev, ex-presidential candidate, RSO parliamentary deputy of the IId and IVth convocations Vladimir Kelekhsaev, a consultant of the RSO presidential envoy Leonid Tibilov, a businessman Oleg Kozaev, chief bailiff of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of South Ossetia Sergei Bitiev, the former head of Dzausky district Ruslan Bagaev, judo coach Inal Dzukaev. Ossetian Popular Front "Russia-Ossetia" was created in September 2011. The motto of the new organization is the slogan "Russia and Ossetia – are inseparable!"

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