Review of the Georgian Media: Saakashvili is nervous and has refused civil rights to the Georgians, residing in Russia; the Georgian people are looking forward to Ivanishvili

Tue, 11/09/2012 - 18:50

On the eve of the parliamentary elections the Georgian ruling party-National Movement - is obviously nervous. It has more than a good reason to fear that Bidzina Ivanishvili and his Georgian dream will wrest the initiative from Saakashvili. This may thwart the ruling power to transform Georgia from a presidential to a parliamentary republic with a strong prime minister, in the chair of which the president is seeing himself after the presidential election. On the one hand, it would provide continuity in the Georgian domestic and foreign policy, and on the other – it would exacerbate the last two years stagnation in various spheres of public life.

In order to somehow improve the situation, the National Movement is holding one-day campaigns in different cities of Georgia.
"The large-scale event of the ruling party - United National Movement- began with the action in the city of Zugdidi and continued in Ozurgeti, Batumi, Ambrolauri, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Gori, Telavi, Rustavi and Mtskheta.
The event will be concluded by the action in the Tbilisi Sports Palace, "- has written the Georgian informational agency "Caucasus Online" in the article "National Movement is holding one-day actions within the frames of the election campaign" on September, 8, 2012.
However, taking into account investments of billions of dollars and euro in Georgia, one can say only on the repaired roads and fountains. The emphasis in the pre-election rhetoric is made not on advertising achievements, but on strengthening the image of the enemy.
"Speaking before thousands of supporters in Zugdidi, President Saakashvili has stressed that the authorities are confronted by the people who nine years ago were against the Rose Revolution.
"We will not give up the future of our children to thieves, bandits, traitors of various kinds – they could not been called otherwise, and it's time to tell the truth," - Saakashvili said,"- the publication has written.

Here one could not help asking the question: "The future of what children of Georgia you will not give up? Those who have been dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for the US interests, alien to Georgia? What else are you going to give up, if you have already given and squandered your country? "
But Saakashvili continued with perfect calm: "Georgia is sure to build the most important and the main port of Georgia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe and the Black Sea - Lasika.
We are building our Lasika on the occupational lines, and we will not go to the Abkhazians - we will not be able to jump over the Russians - Abkhazians will come to us in our prosperous and successful country ", - Saakashvili said, -" That building, which we have launched in Batumi, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, and now Lasika, will be concluded in Sukhumi by all means."
As we can see, Georgia has not drawn conclusions from the past stage of life. In 2004 they claimed that the Ossetians and the Abkhazians at sight of bags of fertilizers would immediately rush to Georgia, destroying everything in their path, and now they have to build entire cities for the same purpose.
We can say that Saakashvili's campaign, as well as all his presidency is literally based on the bones and blood of the Georgian people.
"Mikhail Saakashvili has also taken part in the congress of the ruling party in Kutaisi.The new parliament is planned to sit in this city. Addressing the supporters of the ruling party, the president said: Kutaisi historically played a key role in the development of Georgia. And the former glory must be returned to it, "- is said in the article "Saakashvili met with voters in 11 cities of Georgia" in "Caucasus Online" on September 8, 2012.
The rulers of Georgia do not like to recall that for the construction of this building has been spilled the blood of the young Georgian woman and her little daughter, who died during the barbaric destruction of the monument to the Georgians who had participated in the liberation of Europe from fascism. But how could the fascists put up with a monument to the winners over fascism?
The style of holding the campaign of the ruling regime in Georgia shows that its informational component has been simply exhausted. A critical shortage of ideas and propaganda campaign techniques is obvious. It's strange to write such things about the vaunted (as of right) Georgian propaganda, the filigree of which has formerly aroused admiration of the true professionals. Now it looks rather pathetic compared to the former luxury. The same propaganda clichés, stock phrases and stereotypes- nothing new.
"Russia has failed to accomplish any of the tasks. Russia has had three objectives - the overthrow of the government of Georgia, a diminishing of geopolitical importance of Georgia and the suspension of NATO expansion, - has declared today President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili during the pre-election congress "Natsionaluri modzraoba" ("National Movement"), held in the Tbilisi Sports Palace"- is written in the "Caucasus Online" on September 8, 2012.
The same points, which were working in 2008, are still ruling. Russia has not set an objective to overthrow Saakashvili, Georgia's role is already negligibly small and the purpose of suspension of the NATO expansion is so obvious that it is hardly necessary to be a great strategist to guess about it. "A little bit of truth, a bit of a lie, and look - you have come to believe," - this is the basic principle of Saakashivli`s rhetoric since the early days of his political career- still nothing new.
The group of Saakashvili has been disastrously losing the trust of the Georgian people. One has to resort to the methods which are not at all democratic. Thus, according to the currently available CEC information, out of ​​many hundreds of thousands of the Georgian citizens residing in Russia, no one will be able to take part in the elections.
"According to the CEC, the citizens living in Russia will not be able to take part in the parliamentary elections in Georgia, scheduled for October 1," – has written "Georgia Online" in the article "Foreign Ministry: participation and involvement of the Georgian citizens, residing in Russia, in the elections in this country is not safe" on September 10, 2012. Thus, Mikhail Saakashvili, without whom the CEC simply would not have dared to declare such a thing, has refused roughly and openly the civil rights and the very first citizen's right - the right to participate in elections,- to the Georgian citizens living in Russia.
Roughly refusing participation in the elections to its largest diaspora abroad, the Georgian government is trying to create favorable conditions for all kinds of violations and electoral fraud, deception, propaganda and psychological pressure on voters.
Turned away from their compatriots, the political leadership of Georgia, however, is seeking for support from the big uncle in a pith helmet -from its overseas patrons – the colonizers of Georgia.
"Interagency U.S. delegation led by Deputy Secretary of State Tomaos Melia met with the leader of the Christian Democrats Georgy Targamadze.
As Targamadze reported to journalists after the meeting, the main topic was the upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia. According to him, they have come to conclusion that for the democratic development of Georgia they need more political balance and more mutual respect of the political parties.
"This visit of the State Department and U.S. government agencies will have a positive impact on the fair and lawful conduct of the pre-election campaign. We have talked about all the challenges that accompany the modern pre-election campaign, as well as what we expect from the election and the subsequent period in terms of the parliamentary work. These people have been working for years on the issues of Georgia, they are well aware of the specifics of the Georgian politics. The mutual opinion is that for the democratic development of Georgia we need more political balance and mutual respect of the political parties ", - has stressed Targamadze" – has written "Georgia Online" in the article "Georgy Targamadze and Thomas Melia have discussed the pre-election situation" on September 10, 2012 .
Against this background, it is no wonder that the representatives of the governmental institutions are going over to the camp of Ivanishvili.
An employee of the registration and control department of the Parliament of Georgia, a friend of the late Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania Leah Kvachadze joined the "Georgian Dream". She quit her job on the basis of a personal application and entered into a coalition.
As stated by Leah Kvachadze, the cause of leaving her work had become her political views. She believes that "the "Georgia's dream" will be able to recover the country".
And this is just the beginning. As one can see, the ruling party of Georgia is nervous for a reason.

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