It is necessary to build the hydropower plants in South Ossetia – expert`s view

Mon, 24/09/2012 - 18:48

It is necessary to build hydropower plants in South Ossetia for the full development of the economy of the country. Such opinion has been expressed by Director General of the Russian construction company "EnergostroyServis" Peter Kochievin an interview to IA "Res".

"Energy is the leading sector of the economy of each country; there is no lifethere, where there is not energy. Therefore, it`s necessary to build hydroelectric power plantsin the Republic. In this case investors and people will pour into the country "- said Kochiev.
The expert has noted that last week he took part in the meeting with Prime Minister of South Ossetia Rostislav Khugaev, where was being discussed the building of five hydropower plants in the Republic.
"We want to cooperate with the Kirov plant in St. Petersburg;itproduces equipment for small hydropower stations, which we plan building here - told Kochiev. - The Kirov plant will draw up the design and will construct the hydropower plants with the appropriate quality assurance."
Kochiev added that on average, one hydropower plant could be constructed during a year.
"We need to do researches, expertise, to prepare ground for the hydro power building. All this must be coordinated with all the structures of the state. The design will take six months ", - explained Kochiev.
He has assured that after the launch of the hydro power all the expenses will be covered in three years;moreover, the electricity price in the country will also be significantly reduced.

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