Grappler from Ossetia has become a winner of the prestigious tournament in the U.S.

Mon, 15/04/2013 - 18:51

The Ossetian grappler, the world champion Rustam Chsiev has won the prestigious tournament «Professional Grappling League» held in the American city of Siklervil (New Jersey, USA). According to the athlete, the tournament was held among athletes of the weight category up to 92 kg.
"The best eight grapplers of the U.S. would have had to take part in the competition , but on the eve of the competition, four of them for unknown reasons, refused to participate in the tournament," - said Chsiev.
According to him, he fought two bouts.

"Both of my opponents were very strong fighters – the holders of black belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In the first fight I won by using painful hold in the leg, and the second -by the decision of referees ", - said Chsiev.
February 9, 2013 the Ossetian athlete also won the battle that took place within the framework of the tournament «Professional Grappling League». Then, he won by the decision of referees over 30-year-old American athlete, the winner of a major tournament "Grapplers Quest», as well as several other major grappling competitions held under the auspices of the NAGA (National American Grappling Association), a holder of a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu Drew Puzon. Chsiev is a winner of the 2010 World Cup in grappling conducted by the National American Grappling Association. In the same year he finished third in the tournament in California with participation of the 32 best world grapplers. Chsiev has also become the all-round champion of tournaments organized by sports organizations such as «Grapplers Quest», ACOM SPORT and NAGA.
In 2011 he won the knockout competition for the World Cup, conducted by the most prestigious grappling organization in the world - ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Championship)which was held later in London under the auspices of ADCC (due to the unforeseen circumstances, Chsiev could not then go to the championship). In 2011, the athlete from South Ossetia became a silver medalist of the 16 best world grapplers tournament. Currently Chsiev lives and trains in Fayelfild (New Jersey, USA). He represents a sports club К-dojo. The coach of the athlete is Murat Keshtov.

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