Twenty-one years have passed since the Zar tragedy

Mon, 20/05/2013 - 11:15

Here were killed thirty three Ossetians. They spent here the last minutes of this world. Twenty-one years ago, on the Zar road, the road of life, there was a tragedy that has shocked everyone. May 20, 1992 the Georgian armed gangs shot the defenseless women, children and the old people, who had been leaving the besieged Tskhinval. In the nineties the confrontation between Georgia and South Ossetia reached its climax. The war forced those who could not protect their home, children or themselves to leave their homes. People were leaving their sons and husbands, brothers and fathers, who were defending their homeland.

Through the difficult high-mountain road they were driving in the direction of North Ossetia, when the Georgian lead bullets cut short their lives. From ambush were shot the Ossetian refugees. This was the unexpected horror to everyone. The women, covering their children with their bodies, were killed.
Today, the twenty-first time, relatives of the victims, the leadership of South Ossetia, the servicemen and civilians will rise to the obelisk "The Grieving Mother" on the Zar road, to commemorate the victims of this tragedy.
This place, soaked in blood of the innocent victims, has become sacred to Ossetia.
Thirty-three names are engraved on the granite to remember them, their death agony.
God bless us! We must never forget what atrocities were committed by the Georgian fascists in Ossetia in the 1920s, in 1989-1993, in 2004 and August 2008. The aggressor which has added a bloody dates of March 18, May 20, 1992, August 8, 2008, to the history of the Ossetian people, is still unpunished.

Мой мир