The Communist Party of South Ossetia held a jubilee X Congress

Mon, 02/12/2013 - 11:14

In Tskhinval was held the X Congress of the Communist Party of South Ossetia, which brought together more than two hundred delegates. The event was attended by the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov and members of the Government of the Republic, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, deputy of the State Duma Kazbek Taisaev.
The participants, in particular, have heard the reports of the Central Committee and the Auditing Commission of the Communist Party, elected of the governing party.

The party leader Stanislav Kochiev made a report, outlining the main achievements of the Communist party, the work done since the previous Congress, as well as the goals and objectives set by the leadership and members of the party, the most important of them, according to the communists, is joining Russia, as well as a victory in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
According to Kochiev, only thus it`s feasible to perform another important task - "to protect the national economy." One of the conditions of this the communists consider the refusal of land privatization in the Republic.
Another important aspect of the Communist Party, Kochiev considers the work with young people, noting that during the reporting period 320 young communists joined the ranks of the party. Several of them were awarded today the party tickets. To date, the party consists of 1053 members.
Referring to the foreign policy Kochiev has noted that to restore normal good-neighborly relations with Georgia, Tbilisi must first of all recognize the independence of South Ossetia and compensate for the damage caused during several wars.
Stanislav Kochiev and noted the positive work of the South Ossetian leadership, pointing out at the same time, the problems in the economy, social and other spheres of national life.
The delegates were also addressed by President Leonid Tibilov, who welcomed the participants and said that the Communist Party was still one of the most influential political forces in the Republic.
"With the support of the ordinary citizens, it actively participates in the work of the Republican Parliament, local authorities. In our difficult time the Communist Party of South Ossetia strongly defends the democratic rights of citizens of the Republic. The Communist party is focused on demographics, family strengthening, improving the life of people, working with the youth,"- said the president.
The head of state has expressed confidence that the Congress decisions will contribute to the consolidation of society, strengthening the party, increasing the number of its members.
The greeting of the Russian Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov was read out by Kazbek Taisaev. He has also noted that Zyuganov has done much for the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia, reminding that before 2008 the Communist Party of the Russian Federation six times raised this issue in the State Duma.
The greetings to the delegates were also sent by the Communist Party as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Transnistria, Lithuania.
Today has also been elected the management team of the party. Stanislav Kochiev was re-elected the First secretary of the party. The delegates of the Congress voted unanimously for his candidacy.

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