It will be easier for the future government of South Ossetia to solve the problems

Mon, 20/01/2014 - 19:55

The government of South Ossetia could not fully realize all our plans, told reporters today in Tskhinval former Prime Minister of the Republic Rostislav Khugaev.
"Arriving in South Ossetia as a professional, I intended, first of all, to build. Secondly, as a manager, I had the ideas to develop the economy of the Republic. Some plans have been implemented," - he said.
In particular, it was systematized the work on preparation of design and reporting documentation, without which Russia could not finance the restoration of the Republic.
"For the first time was developed the strategy of the Republic up to 2030 and the program of socio-economic development up to 2017. These documents will be the basis for the Investment program for the coming years. Another very important program - the program of development of the border area -is already being implemented. It includes the construction of houses, health centers, water supply. Though the funding in 2013 began in September, the streets and
sidewalks are being improved, eliminated defects in underground communications, laid asphalt," - said the former prime minister.
However, most of the plans have not been implemented. He has admitted that he could not expect to spend all the time to eliminate large and small violations left by predecessors that delayed the process of construction and the development of the Republic.
"Internal problems, political disunity hindered business relations, often personal interests are put above the interests of the state, national interests. Another reason seriously affecting the efficiency of the government is the low level of executive discipline and lack of leverage to remedy this situation,"- said Rostislav Khugaev.
As a result, for a year and a half failed to bring order to the construction industry, to convey all the work to one or two general contractors that, in his opinion, is necessary to streamline the construction process .
"The main contractor in South Ossetia will be the company from Tatarstan "Everest". Failed to establish or revive at least one state-owned enterprise, significantly increasing our own revenues," - he said.
Rostik Khugaev expressed the hope that all this could be done in the near future. "It will be easier for the future government of South Ossetia to solve the problems without being distracted by the preparatory work. I gave in my resignation a few months ago," - he said.
Ex-Prime Minister also assured that he would not remain aloof from the problems of South Ossetia, and his company "Amond" would continue providing assistance to residents of the Republic.
"Now, when I am better aware of the needs of South Ossetia, this assistance will be more targeted and specific,"- added Khugaev.

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