Political parties in South Ossetia are for maximum integration with Russia

Sun, 18/01/2015 - 22:51

In the press center of the State Committee of Information and Press of South Ossetia has been held a roundtable discussion with the leaders of political parties. They discussed the progress of work on the new treaty between South Ossetia and the Russian Federation on the alliance and integration. The politicians have noted that in the South Ossetian society there is some "incomprehensible fuss about this document, some artificial excitement", despite the fact that that the draft treaty is not finished yet. The party leaders, many of whom are members of the Political Council under the President of South Ossetia, have reminded that the specially established working group has been working to improve the previously submitted draft treaty, which should primarily serve the interests of the South Ossetian State.
The leader of the "New Ossetia" David Sanakoev has noted that the improved draft treaty is not contrary to the Constitution, does not violate any law, and has one goal - the welfare and security of the South Ossetian people.
The leader of the party "Fydybasta" Vyacheslav Gobozov has reminded that earlier the presidential press service issued a message the draft agreement to be finalized by members of the Political Council and will be submitted for public discussion.
He has expressed confidence that there is no any political force in South Ossetia that opposes the maximum integration with the Russian Federation.
"In addition, I believe that the Abkhaz version cannot serve as a model for us, as many believe. We have North and South Ossetia, and we need a deeper integration with the Russian Federation, and we need the treaty more than Russia", - Gobozov said, stressing that the process of drafting and signing of the document could not be "used for labeling."
The Chairman of the parliamentary party "United Ossetia" Anatoly Bibilov believes that the document needs to be amended and spoke out against the fact this document to be discussed in public in its present form.
"One cannot make a society choosing, because such steps can split it" - said Bibilov.
The leader of the party "Nykhas" Alan Alborov has noted that before the official publication of the draft document, some political forces have already begun to conflict, that may also affect the internal stability.
"The working group has not yet completed its work, but the society is excited," - he said.
According to the leader of the party "Unity of the People" Vladimir Kelekhsayev, South Ossetia has a chance to improve the living standards of the population, providing a decent future, and we must use this chance, "without collecting political dividends."
At the end of the meeting the politicians have expressed their commitment to strengthening cooperation and maximum integration with the Russian Federation.

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