Constitution of South Ossetia must clearly define the main priorities of the state development, - Zhanna Zasseeva

Thu, 07/04/2016 - 16:18

Constitution Day of South Ossetia - April 8, is a milestone in the modern history of South Ossetia, said the news agency "Res" the State Adviser to the President of South Ossetia, a member of the commission for drafting the Constitution of the Republic Zhanna Zasseeva, commenting on the importance of the Basic Law for the state.

"A special commission was set up to develop the Basic Law of South Ossetia by the Decree of the then president Ludwig Chibirov, which included experienced lawyers and public figures - Zasseeva said. - The commission included eleven people. "

According to Zasseeva, the Commission had the task to prepare the basic document, which should have been focused on legal, political and ideological features of the young state.

"We assumed as a basis we took, the first Constitution and the Constitution of North Ossetia, as it was spiritually close to us, - noted Zasseeva.- But we also have considered the Constitution of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Spain, etc. Constitution of South Ossetia was to clearly define the main priorities of the state development, the rights and freedom of a man. "

Zasseeva has noted that in the course of the work the Committee members consulted with many leading experts outside of South Ossetia, dealing with the Constitution.

"The final version of our draft Constitution was sent for examination to Russia and received a positive assessment, - explained Zasseeva. - The Basic Law of the state, in my opinion, had covered all the aspects of our life. The Constitution is amended, as it should be, but you can not negate the positive work done. "

She added that over the Constitution had been working Merab Chigoev, Peter Gatikoev, Stanislav Kochiev, Konstantin Kochiev, Alan Parastaev and young lawyers Ilona Khubaeva and many others.

"I was happy to work with such luminaries and I am grateful to every moment we spent with them at the meetings of the Constitutional Commission," - said Zasseeva.

It should be reminded that on April 8 in South Ossetia is celebrated the Constitution Day. The Basic Law of the Republic was adopted on 8 April 2001 while holding a national referendum.

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