South Ossetia for every Russian means a great deal, - Alexander Totoonov

Sun, 09/04/2017 - 21:36

Leonid Tibilov has received the delegation of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
The President has welcomed the guests, noting that people of South Ossetia are grateful to Russia.
"We plan to further strengthen relations with our strategic partner, the Russian Federation," said Tibilov. "
The head of state noted a good activity of voters on the vote.
"Elections always bring a burst of emotions to the public life," said Tibilov. "We are working to maintain a stable situation in the Republic."
The President then briefly described the work done in South Ossetia.
"We have chosen a single path - rapprochement with Russia, integration with Russia, and of course we will not deviate from this path," continued Tibilov. "This path is determined by our ancestors. If I get the trust of the people, of course, I will continue working in the same spirit, without days off, without holidays, because the other approach will not justify itself. Together with the renewed team of the executive power we will move forward in addressing new challenges. "
Touching upon the referendum issue, Tibilov has noted that the return to the historical name of the country is a step that says that "we must not forget our history."
"Thank you for your support we receive from you on all issues," said Tibilov.
The member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Alexander Totoonov, in his speech noted the positive changes in South Ossetia.
"South Ossetia means a great deal for every Russian," Totoonov said. "We know about all the difficulties that this country has gone through, but we are also perfectly aware and admire the courage and dignity with which the people of South Ossetia went to gain their independence".
Alexander Totonov wished Leonid Tibilov and all the people of South Ossetia success.

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