The Italian Interior Ministry was led by the leader of the "League of the North", who met in Milan with Bibilov

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 19:02

The leader of the Italian "League of the North" Matteo Salvini, who promised to raise the issue of recognizing South Ossetia in the Italian parliament, became vice-premier and minister of internal affairs of the new government of this country.
According to TASS, members of the new government of Italy, headed by lawyer Giuseppe Conte, were sworn in on Friday. The composition of the Cabinet of Ministers was determined as a result of a compromise between the "League" and the "Five-Star Movement", which evenly divided the ministerial portfolios among themselves.
The head of the "League of the North" Matteo Salvini became the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and became vice-premier, thus becoming one of the key figures in the current Cabinet of Italy.
In 2015 Matteo Salvini held talks in Milan with Anatoly Bibilov, who at that time headed the Parliament of South Ossetia and the party "United Ossetia".
The South Ossetian delegation told the leader Matteo Salvini about the history and legal aspects of the establishment of the Republic of South Ossetia, the political system of the state. Salvini, in turn, suggested raising the issue of recognizing the competence of declaring the independence of the RSO in the Italian Parliament.
"The League of the North" promised us to raise the issue of recognizing South Ossetia for a vote in the Italian Parliament.
Despite the difference in the program objectives of the United Ossetia and the League of the North, we found a common language, we share similar anti-globalization views, as well as the unity of the position on the right of peoples to self-determination and the inadmissibility of double standards in this matter, " said Bibilov.
Matteo Salvini has already announced the need to improve relations with Russia.
"The Italian economy will only benefit from a good relationship with Russia," he stressed.
In addition, as noted by Salvini, he has a feeling of respect for President Vladimir Putin, as the Russian leader has done much for his people.
The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy also thanked Putin for the fight against Islamist terrorism.
One of his main tasks Matteo Salvini sees in the fight against illegal immigration.
"It's time to stop turning Sicily into a European refugee camp," Salvini said.
The first statements of the new Interior Minister of Italy have already caused a nervous reaction from billionaire George Soros, who expressed his concern "with Russia's influence on Europe as a whole and on the new Italian government."

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