Bibilov held a meeting with the head of Rosstandart

Thu, 23/08/2018 - 20:34

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov has received the head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology Alexei Abramov.

The head of state has expressed confidence that the interaction between the standardization and metrology structures of the Russian Federation and South Ossetia will be further strengthened.

"I want to thank you for the assistance that you rendered to our Republic in the framework of your work. The equipment for the laboratory that was handed over to us is necessary for us. Based on the close work being done between our agencies, I am confident that the cooperation between the two agencies will grow I am sure that the interaction between the two departments will be enhanced. "

The President has added that the leadership of the Republic is doing everything to make this work fruitful and effective.

Alexei Abramov, in turn, has noted that the Federal Agency intends to further develop cooperation with the profile committee in South Ossetia.

"We are interacting with our South Ossetian colleagues, and our support is more symbolic," Abramov said. - We, of course, would like to further develop cooperation. The directions for which we are responsible - standardization and metrology, are very important for the development of the economy, consumer protection, as well as the correct solution of tax accounting issues, " Abramov said.

According to him, the Russian committee already has an understanding of how to help the development of standardization and metrology in South Ossetia, and how to work out the legislative base in order to apply modern legal mechanisms in the Republic.
"We are ready to provide methodological support to South Ossetian colleagues, who are ready to receive additional professional education, send experts who would work here along with their South Ossetian counterparts over the regulatory framework," Abramov said.
He has noted that South Ossetia has a favorable investment climate for attracting Russian companies to the Republic.

Abramov has added that, in his opinion, the Republic needs to develop a laboratory base.
"I think the presence of Russian state laboratories here will contribute to the development of a laboratory base in the Republic. It would be possible to open a branch of the Russian state laboratory here.Therefore, we would like to work out such a project with your consent " he said.

Anatoly Bibilov, in turn, gave a positive assessment of Abramov's proposal.
"The development of the laboratory base will give impetus to the further development of the Committee for Standardization and Metrology of South Ossetia," the President noted. - No doubt, it is necessary to develop this structure,

I think, this will increase trade. It is also necessary to consider and work out the issue of cooperation between the branches of the Russian Federation and the RSO, "Bibilov said.
At the end of the meeting, the parties exchanged gifts.

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