The Ossetian Diaspora activists in Latvia honored the memory of their countrymen buried in mass graves

Mon, 22/04/2019 - 15:12

Representatives of the Ossetian diaspora in Latvia are visiting mass graves, where natives of the Republic who died during the Great Patriotic War are buried, reports "15th Region".

The activists have visited five places and honored the memory of seven fellow countrymen - representatives of the Sitokhovs, Mamsurovs, Gazdanovs, Gagloevs, Bagraevs, Doeevs and Gubiyevs.

“With deep respect we pay tribute to our ancestors. I think, the countrymen are pleased that there is someone here who will bring flowers on their behalf. We visited them this autumn and now in spring too. It is a great honor for us. In our good deed, we have never faced any obstacles. We visited the graves located in the Kurzeme region of Latvia, also known as the “Courland Cauldron”. Here, the local government representatives look after these graves, clean them,, plant flowers,” Irina Musakova, a Chairman of the Ossetian diaspora in Latvia, shared with the “15th Region”.

The head of the community appealed to the families, whose relatives are buried in the mass graves of the Baltic country.

“Those whom we knew, have already been visited, but after May 9 we are again ready to continue when we visit the grave of our uncle. Therefore, I want to appeal to those who know that their relatives are buried in Latvia, please respond, it is very difficult to look for yourself. Maybe someone even knows the place, email me at: [email protected]. We will find and visit them,” she said.

It should be added that there are currently about 40 Ossetian surnames living in Latvia.

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