Soslan Gassiev became the silver medalist of the European Championship in Greece

Wed, 22/05/2019 - 19:09

Armwrestler of South Ossetia Soslan Gassiev became the silver medalist of the European Championship, which was held in the city of Loutraki (Greece).

As the coach of the athlete Valery Dzhioev noted, Gassiev had 12 bouts in the championship.

“He won an athlete from Georgia for reaching the semifinal, and won the European champion of last year David Daviktyan in a stubborn and very strong fight for reaching the final. In the final, he unfortunately lost the victory to his opponent,” the coach said.

Dzhioev has noted that Soslan performed in the weight category of 100 kg, and in this category there were 20 participants.

“All participants were at various times world champions, Europe, as well as Gassiev himself, so the fights were strong,” he explained.

Another South Ossetian armrestler Malkhaz Doguzov in the fight with his left hand became the winner of the European Championship, and in the fight of his right he took silver. He spoke among persons with lesions of the musculoskeletal system.

Doguzov trains in North Ossetia under the guidance of coach Totradz Lelaev.

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