Anatoly Bibilov thanked Russian sappers: Your work is important for the people of South Ossetia

Thu, 23/05/2019 - 21:00

The head of state, Anatoly Bibilov, has visited the Zar height, where the sappers of the Center “Leader” of the EMERCOM of Russia are working to clear the area from explosive objects. The squad leader, Alexei Zavatsky, informed the President about the results of the work.

“The squad continues to work on clearing the area. At the moment, we have cleared 7.05 hectares of land, found 74 GP. We work with the observance of safety precautions, the personnel are healthy, the equipment is also operational,” Zavatsky noted during the report.

Anatoly Bibilov welcomed the detachment, thanked the sappers for the work important for the Republic, and at the same time, dangerous work.

“You have been working in South Ossetia for years. Mining was carried out at this strategic height, and subsequently we became witnesses of accidents - undermining of hunters. The most important thing is that during your work you observe safety, in order to avoid emergency situations with personnel. Work carefully, but at the same time efficiently. Your work is important for us, and on behalf of the people of South Ossetia, I express gratitude to you,” said Anatoly Bibilov.

Alexey Zavatsky told the President about the technical means used in the work and about the variety of mines and shells found.

“Among the items found were mines of directional MON-50, POMZ, hand grenades F-1, etc. Anti-personnel mines and grenades were mounted on the braces in working condition. We conduct reconnaissance of the area with the help of a robotic means, using new models of GP search tools, ”Zavatsky noted.

A squad of sappers is working in close cooperation with sappers and pyrotechnics of the search and rescue squad of the Emergency Situations Ministry of South Ossetia. At the end of the meeting, the President instructed to conduct joint reconnaissance of the terrain at one of the landfills near the Zar height, where, possibly, explosive items also remained from the time of the military actions.

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