Anatoly Bibilov on the recognition of South Ossetia by Syria: many of our enemies have startled

Thu, 20/06/2019 - 14:43

Syria’s recognition of South Ossetia’s independence was a serious political event, said the Republic President Anatoly Bibilov.

"It was very important for South Ossetia, because many people in the world said that Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela recognized us and everything ended there. And when the Syrian Arab Republic recognized us, many of our enemies startled, wondering how such a serious state recognized the independence of South Ossetia, "the head of state said in an interview with Syrian media.

According to him, the importance of this step is not just emotional, "it is the importance of public attitude to the people of the Republic of South Ossetia, which has created a lot of inconvenience for Syria."

"Indeed, since then Georgia has not let Syrian companies fly through its airspace, it has recalled the ambassador, etc. But the very importance lies in the courageous act of Bashar al-Assad. There is a physical fight, but there is a political one. And the President of the Syrian Arab Republic showed courage and heroism is in this political war. I am sincerely grateful to him both as president and as a resident of the Republic of South Ossetia, "said Anatoly Bibilov.

He also expressed sincere thanks to the people of Syria, who supported the decision of their leader. "I felt it when I was on an official visit in the beautiful city of Damascus ..."

The President also outlined the prospects for the development of relations between the two states.

"We are opening a trading house in the Syrian Arab Republic, we have a whole block of proposals with which at the end of the week our representatives will fly to Syria to meet at the ministries of economy and communications and will go on a real road of cooperation in the economic sphere. I think this is very important. Moreover, there is interest in supplying products to South Ossetia, which are produced in Syria and vice versa, "he said.

As for the opening of embassies in the countries, Anatoly Bibilov has stressed that negotiations on the embassy are underway, "and this is not a secret."

“We have recognized each other, and a lot of work is being done to establish diplomatic relations. I’m sure the result will be obvious,” he said.

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