If political forces succeed in finding a consensus, the effect of the current parliament will be great, - the expert opinion

Fri, 28/06/2019 - 20:14

The effect of the deputies' work will not be if they hit the new political race.

Deputy head of the Presidential Extcutive Office of South Ossetia, Alan Djussoev, believes that the deputies' corps today has all the opportunities for work, and how well they use them will be perceived by the electorate. This opinion was expressed by the politician to the Res news agency.

But, if the deputies hit the new political race, continued Dzhussoev, the population will not see the effect of their work.

He has noted that the appointing of the heads of committees and commissions occurred proportionately - according to the percentage of votes cast, among them are self-nominated candidates and party representatives.

“Today, the South Ossetian Parliament is professional, and its work should be distinguished by its everyday and more detailed consideration of the problems that society faces, and the experience of work with most executive committee leaders in the field of executive power is big. They all are well aware of the problems of the Republic, and they should already have a vision for solving these problems,” said Alan Dzhussoev.

According to him, the work of the deputies is to develop a legislative part and practice of applying this legislation in solving the problems existing in the country. “Currently, these people are in the highest legislative body, where they have to work, and for this they have all the opportunities. As far as they can use these opportunities in their work, they will be perceived by the electorate who voted for them and who did not vote. That is, their electorate may increase or decrease depending on their work,” said Dzhussoev.

In the Parliament, according to the politician, there are 10 committees, among which there is not a single unclaimed one. “If political forces manage to find a consensus, get away from populism and go into a working mode, I think that the effect of the current parliament will be great. If, with entry into the legislature, deputies will strike a new political race, the population will not see the effect of their work ” the expert believes.

He has noted that one way or another the parliamentary majority, which was in the parliament of the sixth convocation, was preserved. At the same time, he drew attention to the features of the VII convocation: for the first time in the last 15 years, the parliament was chosen according to a mixed system, on a professional basis, which had never happened before. Another peculiarity is the new people in the Parliament, who head the committees, people are waiting for work from them.
“Today we have 17 nominees who will be more loaded with promoting the interests of their district. I think there will be a lot of lapping, but let's see how they get into the work. For two or three months, they will definitely need this, and by the end of the autumn we will understand who is going in what direction,” he said.

Education ... national policy ... industry ...

Dzhussoev has reminded that the largest parliamentary faction, as predicted, - the party "United Ossetia", then the People's Party, "Nykhas", "Unity of the People" and the Communist Party.

“In principle, the Communists are centrists, they almost always supported the current government, and today, I think, they will not depart from their traditions. In the current situation, they were assigned one of the most important committees - on education and science, where a lot of work needs to be done,” he said.

Interesting, according to the politician, is the appointment of Amiran Dyakonov as head of the committee on national politics, culture, religion and the media. “These are broad directions, with their own problems, which need to work fundamentally. The solution of these problems will not have a quick result, as there will be daily painstaking work. Let's see how the People's Party will cope with this, they have the second largest faction, where there are experienced deputies.

In addition, they have been handed over a committee on social policy and health care, headed by Vice-Speaker of Parliament Alexander Pliev, who has extensive experience in this field, and he has an understanding of how social policy and health care should be built, ” he explained.

As for the party "Nykhas", then, according to Dzhussoev, they proposed a committee on industry, construction, transport, communications and natural resources. “The candidacy of deputy Alan Alborov has not yet been approved due to his absence at the session due to family circumstances. But given the experience of his work as the head of the housing and utilities sector of the Leningor district and the head of the administration of Tskhinval, he should know how the Republic is living and how the system is working. He is an experienced person about whom the previous leadership of the Кepublic spoke very well, let's see how he can put his experience into practice, he said.

According to the politician, if within the framework of this committee a representative of the Nykhas party succeeds in establishing interaction with relevant ministries and departments and entering the Russian-South Ossetian Intergovernmental Commission, this will be a big burden for the committee, and depending on how Alborov works, and how it will be effective, so much so that this committee and its work will be in demand.

“In general, the current parliament,” the politician noted, “is very interesting from the point of view of how they will tune in to each other, how they will work and combine their daily activities with work with the population. There are deputies who had a big lead over their votes in their constituency, respectively, there are expectations that they should be justified.”

The deputies today, Dzhussoev has stressed, need to build relations with the executive branch, with the administration of the city and districts. “They need to build a system of work with the population and management. It’s interesting to see how they will do it, since we have never had such a practice.

This is a very interesting practice, which should have a legislative basis. Some amendments should be adopted, including the parliamentary regulations and the work of deputies,” he said, noting that today organizational work is underway and will start in September 1 working routine.

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