South Ossetia and Georgia will discuss incidents on the border

Thu, 18/07/2019 - 14:07

The meeting will raise the issue of transfer of criminals who have entered the territory of Georgia

The meeting in the format of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRM) will be held on Thursday near the border village of Ergneti, the meeting is planned to raise the issue of the transfer of criminals who have entered the territory of Georgia.

The key issues on the agenda are security in the border area, cases of violation of the state border between South Ossetia and Georgia.

The South Ossetian party also intends to make an additional issue of transfering of two criminals, citizens of the Republic who have entered the territory of Georgia.

Especially dangerous criminals Sarmat Gabaraev and Andrei Kabisov crossed the state border the day before and were detained on the territory of Georgia, the South Ossetian authorities were informed about this via a hotline through international organizations.

“According to the information received by us, they were detained on the territory of Georgia, one of them was wounded. The issue of their transfer to the South Ossetian side is being resolved,” Interior Minister Igor Naniev told IA “Res”.

The South Ossetian party had previously appealed to representatives of the EU observer mission in Georgia, notifying about the possible transfer of criminals across the border.

“Subsequently, we were informed that two people were detained, one of whom was injured. We appealed via the EUMM for their immediate transfer to our law enforcement agencies,” the head of the South Ossetian delegation at the meetings in the framework of the IPRM, Yegor Kochiev, said on Thursday. The question will be raised at the next meeting in the format of IPRM.

The last round of the IPRM format was held in May of this year. Then, among other problems, the South Ossetian delegation headed by its leader Yegor Kochiyev drew the attention of the meeting participants to the violation of the Republic’s airspace by the Georgian unmanned aerial vehicles.

These meetings are held on a regular basis since 2009. Representatives of South Ossetia, Russia and Georgia traditionally participate in them, through the mediation of the OSCE and the European Union.

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