The victory of our wrestler 10:0 - Arsamag Zasseev became the world champion

Wed, 31/07/2019 - 13:02

South Ossetian wrestler Arsamag Zasseev won the final bout with the Georgian wrestler Georgiy Chikhradze with a crushing score 10:0, winning the gold medal, and became the winner of the freestyle wrestling world championship among U-18 boys.

Before the competition, Arsamag Zasseev had a two-week training camp in Sochi as part of the Russian youth team. The wrestler performed in a weight up to 110 kilograms.

The Tskhinval wrestler Arsamag Zasseev, a graduate of Tamerlan Kochiev, previously won the semifinal bout against Iranian athlete Salar Sayed Habibiekhsani and reached the final of the World Cadet Wrestling Championship.

Unlike the first two fights with wrestlers from India and Bulgaria, the semi-final was hard.

The freestyle wrestling World Championship among the cadets is being held in Bulgaria. Arsamag Zasseev is taking part in the competitions as part of the Russian national team, which also includes Tskhovrebov Batyrbek, Tigiyev Soslan and Bagaev Arslan. Ossetian wrestler Soslan Tigiev has already reached the final w / 71 kg. His rival is the Romanian wrestler Cristiano Biro. The fight will take place on July 31.

Today, out of five final fights in the three, were fighting Ossetian athletes and have been awarded - Batyrbek Tskhovrebov and Arslan Bagaev – became silver medalists. For Arsamag Zasseev, the final match of the 110 kg w / c became “golden”.

Pupils of Tamerlan Kochiev - Arsamag Zasseev, Andrei Bestaev and Soslan Dzhagaev - this year successfully performed at the Russian Championship.

Soslan Dzhagaev became the champion of the country, but could not repeat his success in world competitions. The wrestler did not receive a visa to Poland, hosting the world championship.

Andrei Bestaev - the silver medalist of the championship of Russia, in the final lost to Arsamag Zasseev and received the right to participate in the European Championship, where he became the champions of the continent.

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