The ensemble "Narty" won grand prix at the international festival in Turkey

Thu, 01/08/2019 - 12:49

The dance ensemble "Narty" won the grand prix, and its soloist Alina Gagloeva received the Miss Festival cup at the tenth international festival "Tulum Ve Müzik Festivali", which was held in the Turkish city of Riza, the Slovo newspaper reported.

As noted by the head of the ensemble Vladislav Zaseev , the festival was being held for several days, and every day they represented different national dances.

“On the first day, we performed the Ossetian mass dance “Simd ” and “Mountain Dance ”. The audience met us perfectly, before each concert we were sent to a six-kilometer fashion show, after which we got to the concert stage. On the second day we showed "Dance with Daggers", which was performed by our Dana Gagloeva. The Turks were amazed,” said Zasseev.

According to him,, the Narty team won the hearts of the audience, and the audience applauded them standing.

“I had the feeling that it was all in a dream, I could not believe my eyes. The children burst into tears of happiness when they found out that we became the winners of the festival. It was an unforgettable experience”

Besides North Ossetia, the festival was attended by creative ensembles from Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Dagestan and Azerbaijan.

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