It was an insidious step towards Ossetians who lived in peace, - Russia Today TV channel correspondent


August 2008 Five days of war. 11 years later. Journalists are telling about the war in South Ossetia

Ashraf El Sabbah, Russian publicist, journalist and translator:

Despite the fact that 11 years have passed since the criminal events of the Saakashvili regime, I remember August 8, 2008 very vividly, since we flew from Moscow to Tbilisi at the nighton August 7 t- 8 and saw almost everything with our own eyes from the first minutes.

On the other hand, I cannot forget the heroic resistance of the Ossetian people against the heinous crime of Mikheil Saakashvili and his attempts to annex the Ossetian lands and the genocide of the people. It was an insidious step towards the Ossetians, who lived in peace, did not threaten anyone and did not want war.

Our entire film crew lived in Tskhinval for about two months and covered this war so that the world could see how small nations defend themselves and their lands and ultimately win, and the aggressors retreat to a corner forgotten by God.

Nevertheless, the Ossetian people won independence and began to build their future in the modern world on the basis of democracy, justice and the good of the people.

I would like to wish the Ossetian people prosperity and life without war. I will never forget my friends with whom I lived the entire period of the war, and I thank fate that it brought me together with people like my film crew Russia Today, and friends from South Ossetia.

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