The leadership of South Ossetia took part in the mourning action at the Beslan memorial cemetery

Wed, 04/09/2019 - 00:35

The delegation of South Ossetia, led by President Anatoly Bibilov, paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack in the city of Beslan. The South Ossetian delegation has included representatives of the Government and Parliament, Presidential Press Secretary Dina Gassieva told IA “Res”

From September 1 to noon on September 3, the bandits were holding more than one thousand hostages in the gym. Candles continue to burn on the ruins of the school. The funeral liturgy was conducted by the Archbishop of Vladikavkaz and Alan Leonid. It was attended by the Envoy of the North Caucasus Federal District Alexander Matovnikov, Minister for North Caucasus Affairs Sergey Chebotarev, Governor of the Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov, delegations from neighboring regions, Prime Minister Eric Pukhaev, Speaker Alan Tadtaev. In addition to the officials, the former hostages, their relatives and all who are not indifferent, also attended the event.

Mourning events took place at the Beslan memorial cemetery "City of Angels", where the victims of the act of terror were buried.

For the 15th year in a row, the names of the perished have been read out at the Tree of Sorrow, 334 white balloons have been launched into the sky, they symbolize the souls of the people killed in the terrorist attack, after which, under the sounds of the metronome, those gathered laid flowers at the monument and graves of the perished.

Glowing paper lanterns will be launched into the sky above the "City of Angels" on Tuesday.

In memory of the 2004 terrorist attack in Beslan, a three-day memory watch is taking place. Candles and flowers, as well as children's toys and water, which the militants, despite the entreaties, did not give to anyone, were brought to the gym of school No. 1.

As a result of the seizure by terrorists in 2004 of Beslan school No. 1, more than 1.2 thousand people were held hostage. 334 people were killed and later died from injuries, of which 186 were children. 126 former hostages, including 70 children, became disabled.

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