28th anniversary of independence against the background of Georgia's revanchist plans

Fri, 29/05/2020 - 17:12

This year, South Ossetia is celebrating the 28th anniversary of independence. This difficult decision was made on the day of heavy fire from the Alazan rocket launchers manufactured in the GSSR, stuffed with small metal striking elements to increase their lethal force, tanks and artillery of the State Council of Georgia and Georgian illegal armed forces operating at the same time.

Starting in 1988, Georgian politics and propaganda declared South Ossetia separatist, and South Ossetians - Kremlin agents, despite the fact that South Ossetia did its best to avoid confrontation. Ossetians began a real hunt in all cities and villages of Georgia and in the villages of South Ossetia occupied by the Georgian armed forces.

Tskhinval was surrounded and shot by direct fire from a hill adjacent to the Zguder cemetery from Georgian villages.

The day of May 29, 1992 separated nine days from the terrible execution of civilians on the Zar Road, and only three days from the shelling of May 25, when Alesh Guchmazty, a classic of Ossetian literature, was killed by Georgian forces along with other civilians.

Until May 29, 1992, South Ossetia, by all means, was seeking the ways of mutual understanding with Georgia, refraining from such a radical step as the declaration of independence.

Georgia claimed that military operations were allegedly provoked by the decision of South Ossetia to raise its status to a republic. However, on May 4, 1991, South Ossetia, in the face of mass burnings of the Ossetian villages and mass killings of Ossetians in its occupied part and in Georgia, abolished the republic and returned to the structures of the autonomous region. In the “heading” of the central newspaper again appeared inscriptions in Georgian and an indication of the status of the region. However, the killings of Ossetians and the burning of Ossetian villages did not stop. From this it was clear that the unleashing by Tbilisi of the genocide of the Ossetian people has nothing to do with the decisions adopted in Tskhinval, but corresponds to the long-standing plan.

On May 29, the patience of the people of South Ossetia and its legal representatives - members of parliament - came to an end. The Supreme Council proclaimed independence and proceeded to the creation of executive bodies.

Our enemies accuse South Ossetia of separatism. Separatism is a serious international crime. As a result of the crime of separatism, a sharp deterioration in the living conditions of wide sections of the population sets in, and only a narrow group of separatist leaders is enriched.

As a result of the unprovoked military aggression of Georgia, the people of South Ossetia were plunged into the crucible of war. The destruction of the settlements of South Ossetia and its population continued by all methods available to Georgia for one year and five months before the Act of Declaration of Independence of South Ossetia was adopted. After independence, a month and a half later, on July 14, peacekeeping forces came to the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone, and peace came to South Ossetia. And this is no longer separatism!

As we see, the declaration of independence was the only way to save the civilian population of South Ossetia from the course taken by Georgia towards its absolute and unconditional destruction. The declaration of independence showed its full conformity with the interests of the people of South Ossetia, was the only way to save it, among other factors it led to the deployment of peacekeeping forces, the start of the negotiation process at a high international representative level, the inclusion of South Ossetia on an equal footing, and the holding of the internal demand for the people and foreign policy, which, ultimately, led to the recognition of South Ossetia as the greatest state in the world - fraternal Russia. Thus, the declaration of independence of South Ossetia has nothing to do with separatism, but is a classic manifestation of the national liberation struggle.

In the interests of creating conditions for peaceful, systematic development and state formation, for the past 28 years, the authorities of the Republic of South Ossetia have been taking all possible steps to stabilize the situation in the region and on the state border with Georgia.

However, to this day, the Georgian authorities deny the criminality of aggressive actions against the people of South Ossetia, are trying in every possible way to realize their revenge-seeking plans aimed at returning the lost territories to their constitutional space.

It is regrettable that we can not only ignore attempts to mitigate tensions undertaken by the Republic, but also significantly increase the Georgian side’s aggressive campaign by implementing the state strategy “Involvement through Cooperation” and the program “Step to a Better Future”, with financial assistance from the US and the EU.

The Georgian side still considers the main mechanism for achieving its goal to be the creation of conditions that encourage residents of South Ossetia to illegally cross the state border to receive payments, social benefits, pensions, medical services, and educational benefits.

By deliberately ignoring the actual state border between South Ossetia and Georgia, the Georgian authorities mislead ordinary citizens who, succumbing to constant disinformation, illegally cross the state border, are detained and are held administratively and criminally liable for violating the state border.

Attempts to illegally cross the border from Georgia to the Republic of South Ossetia continue regularly. Despite the difficult sanitary and epidemiological situation, the inhabitants of Georgia, being influenced by the provocative statements of the Georgian side about the non-recognition of the state border of South Ossetia, are trying to illegally cross it, thereby putting the population at risk of the uncontrolled spread of coronavirus infection.

It is obvious that Georgia, in an effort to prevent the legalization of the status of the state border of the Republic of South Ossetia, is taking provocative steps, which ultimately jeopardize security and stability in the region.

South Ossetia on Independence Day rejoices that the national oppression of the genocidal Georgian state has remained far in history. Today we recall the days past and mourn the sacrifices made - the Defenders of Ossetia and civilians.

And Georgia, in impotent rage, is trying to poison every day of our independent existence. Once again, we call on uts ruling regime to the voice of reason. Responsibility for all possible consequences of their aggressive actions will be completely assigned to the Georgian side.

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