Powerlifter from South Ossetia Sarmat Ikaev will go to the European Cup

Fri, 06/11/2020 - 09:03

A well-known South Ossetian powerlifter Sarmat Ikaev will perform at the European Cup. The athlete himself informed the IA "Res" about it.

The sporting event will take place on December 12 in Novorossiysk. Now the athlete is undergoing training in South Ossetia.

“Recently there was a training camp in Kislovodsk, I got sick, and it knocked me out of my usual sports form a little, but now everything is fine. I am diligently preparing for competitions, I am training in a sports school in Tskhinval,” Ikaev noted.

According to him, usually he begins to prepare for such competitions three - four months before, but due to the pandemic he is limited in time.

“I am training twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Now I have less time to prepare for the competition, the pandemic has made its own adjustments to my training process, but, nevertheless, I will try to get in shape and win gold,” said the athlete.

Ikaev hopes that he will not have obstacles to get to these competitions due to the same pandemic, because, according to him, the European Cup is a "ticket" to the World Championship, which will be held in Hungary next March ...

The athlete is training under the guidance of Artur Pliev and Atsamaz Gabaev.

Ikaev is a three-time winner of the European Championships (2015, 2016, 2018), a two-time world champion (2016-2017) in powerlifting. In addition, he is the world youth record holder in the deadlift, and in this sport, he set a world record in 2016 by performing a deadlift with a barbell weighing 280.5 kg.

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