Professional boxers from South Ossetia will hold today the next fights in Noginsk

16/03/2013 - 15:03

Today Ossetian professional boxers Aslanbek Kozaev and Murat Gassiev will hold matches in Noginsk (Moscow region).
As the coach of the sportsmen Vitaly Slanov said IA "Res," in Noginsk will be held the evening of professional boxing. As part of the sporting event Kozaev will hold 12-round fight for the title of the CIS and the Slavic countries and the Baltic States champion at welterweight with another Russian athlete David Avanesian.

Professional boxer from South Ossetia will hold the next rating fight in Kiev

15/03/2013 - 21:22

March 21, 2013 professional boxer from South Ossetia Marat Kulumbekov will hold his next rating eight-round match against Kazakh boxer Mikhail Krinitsin.
As a coach of the athlete Robert Pliev said IA "Res", "Kulumbekov will fight March 21 in Kiev in the tournament organized by the promoting company" Elite Boxing Promotions ". The fight will be at super middleweight weight class. The opponent of Kulumbekov is 25. In professional boxing he had 15 fights and won 11 victories, seven fights he won by knockout ", - said Pliev.

Professional boxer from South Ossetia will hold another title fight

14/03/2013 - 13:26

March 16 in Noginsk Ossetian boxer, the WBC European champion in the weight category up to 66.6 kg Aslanbek Kozaev will compete for a title of a welterweight champion of the Slavic countries of the CIS and the Baltic States.
As a coach of the boxer Vitaly Slanov has said IA "Res," the rival of Kozaev – is the Russian boxer David Avanesyan. In Noginsk will be held the evening of professional boxing and within the frames of this event, Kozaev and Avnesyan will meet in the ring. It will be a title fight for the title of a champion of the CIS and the Slavic countries, as well as for the belt "WBC Baltic".

Athletes from South Ossetia will go to the United States for training in the famous American Kickboxing Academy

19/02/2013 - 18:18

A team of four Ossetian athletes will travel to the U.S. for martial arts training in the world famous American Kickboxing Academy in San-Jose (California). As a trainer-manager of the sportsmen Ruslan Dzhabiev said IA "Res", "during the conversation with the owner of the Academy Javier Mendez, he asked me to send to America several promising Ossetian athletes to be trained at his club. - As a result of their level of technical, tactical and physical training will be considered their possible participation in the debut matches in the United States by the UFC rules (Ultimate Fighting Championship."