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Fri, 11/03/2011 - 19:36

Maria Kokoeva: "Traditional culture of the Ossetians" – a paramount school discipline

School plays a considerable role in the up-bringing of the growing generation, in shaping of full-fledged and self-sufficient personalities. This determining mission, in turn, lies on the frail shoulders of teachers, who with their efforts and love spread basic knowledge about the culture, customs and traditions of their people among the schoolchildren. How the young teacher of the Lycee of art under the name of Akso Koliev Maria Kokoeva has informed IA "Res" the traditional culture of Ossetia, to her mind, is a paramount school discipline.

- Maria, you are teaching pupils the traditions of Ossetian people. What do you think of the importance of this subject in the educational system and in the up-bringing of youth, in general?
- A subject "Traditional culture of the ossetians", to my mind is, is a paramount school discipline. A man, who does not know his culture, his own traditions, can not manage to know the other cultures, in the scale sense of this word. This subject includes all that knowledge, which absolutely each person must have. Besides, this is not simply, the child must learn at school, this is what must have roots in him so, as to change his lifestyle, the image of his thoughts.

Fri, 11/03/2011 - 17:54

The War in August 2008. The eye-witnesses are telling. Elena Kochieva

Kochieva Elena Akhsarovna, 1987 d.b., a dweller of the settlement Dzau, Dzausky region of RSO.
That fatal day-8 August 2008- I was on a visit at my relatives. I, myself, live in the village Dzau. That night about 23:30 suddenly the rumble was heard. We came down into the cellar of the nine-storey building. At first we thought that the fire would subside, because it was not the first time for the Georgian side, so we took nothing with us to the cellar. But some of our neighbours turned out to be more provident. They took blankets and candles with them. None of us expected that the war would begin.