Archive - 18/3/2011

Fri, 18/03/2011 - 16:30

The statements of Georgia about the championship in Columbia - do not correspond to the reality

The statements that the championship, conducting nowadays under the aegis of the Worldwide Association of Futsal (WAF) in Columbia, is not a serious measure and nobody would not acknowledge it, because it has been conducting by the "private company", has been lately emerged on some of the georgian electronic mass media and does not correspond to reality. This has been reported IA «RES» by the Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Youth Policy Bakchva Tedeev, commenting the expressions of the Georgian functionaries.
« Worldwide Association of Futsal was created in 2002. The Act of establishment of WAF was signed by 24 countries. This organization protects the interests of football in hall and adjusts the rules of the competitions in this kind of sport. This is already the tenth championship of the world, conducted by WAF", - has said Tedeev.