Archive - 24/6/2011

Fri, 24/06/2011 - 10:48

The Georgian criminals detained in South Ossetia have been transferred to the authorities of Georgia

The authorities of South Ossetia as an act of good will have transferred two violators of the frontier of South Ossetia to the Georgian side, - has informed the correspondent of the news agency "Res". The transference has taken place in the frontier village Mosabruni in Leningorskiy region of the Republic. The citizens of Georgia Anzor Parkadze and Alexander Ninoshvili have been detained on June, 22 by a police squad in a private house of the village Dziglevi (Leningorskiy region, RSO). According to the violators, they have crossed the territory of South Ossetia to escape the responsibility for the crimes committed in Georgia. The violators have informed that they went to visit their relatives in Leningorskiy region.