Archive - 14/7/2019

Sun, 14/07/2019 - 17:37

A group of friends of South Ossetia from various cities of Italy commemorated the victims of Beslan

In the city of Florence, on the Children’s Square of Beslan, an action “Italy remembers” was held, dedicated to the memory of those killed during the tragic events in the Beslan school, the Foreign Ministry of South Ossetia reports.

"A group of friends of South Ossetia from various cities of Italy gathered in Florence specifically to hold this event. The protesters laid flowers at the memorial plate and a minute of silence honored the memory of all those killed," the report said.

Sun, 14/07/2019 - 17:33

Peacekeeping operation in South Ossetia has become the most effective, - Russian Embassy

The lessons of the past, apparently, do not teach fanatical politicians and Russophobes in Tbilisi

The Agreement on Principles for the Settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian Conflict, signed on June 24, 1992, on the basis of which the Mixed Control Commission (JCC) was established as well as the Mixed Peacekeeping Force (SMTA, became the cornerstone of the process of normalizing the situation in South Ossetia and the region as a whole, says the commentary of the Russian Embassy in South Ossetia in connection with the Peacekeeper Day.

Sun, 14/07/2019 - 17:27

Sappers of the Center "Leader" completed the cleaning of the territories of South Ossetia

For four years in South Ossetia, demining works were taking place in the territories of the settlements Pris, Isaky Kau, Novokurtatinsky gorge and near the village of Zar, the total area of ​​the cleaned area is 130 hectares, more than 1049 explosive items were found, the head of Department of pyrotechnic and special cynological works of the center "Leader" Colonel Alexey Zavatsky told journalists.