The Second Session on the Reconstruction of Private Housing in South Ossetia took place

Fri, 19/06/2009 - 10:50

The last two days second session on the issues related to reconstruction of private housing partly or completely destroyed during the Georgian aggression in August 2008 was held. The session was presided by the Chairman of the Inter-Agency Commission (IAC) on Reconstruction of South Ossetia Roman Panov. The Chairman of the State Committee for Implementation of Rehabilitation Projects Zurab Kabisov, the Director of the State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) “Directory” (the general contractor for rehabilitation) Robert Bibilov, the Mayor of Tskhinval Robert Guliev and representatives of subcontracting companies attended the session.
As Roman Panov noted, today a visit to sites for reconstruction was carried out, upon the results of which the priority tasks had been identified.
”First, today by evening, the first package of documents should be ready to make advance payments for construction. I will take these documents tomorrow with me to Moscow. On Friday morning, they will reach the Ministry of Finance of the RF and the first allocation of advance payment for general customer should be provided. According to our assessments, it amounts to 70-100 mil roubles. If anything is not ready in these documents by this evening, the State Committee will have to work overnight. We agreed that the documents should be simplified, therefore there should be no problem with preparing them. Out of 110 houses in the Jewish quarter – 55 had been documented, for the remaining 65 the papers are under elaboration.
The second task relates to the Republic, the interaction between the structures engaged in the reconstruction. My request would be to identify the house designs to be used in the reconstruction. They should be approved by the State Committee. My only request is not to delay the process. When there are sample designs, there are budget outlines ready for them, and this allows us to additionally allocate funds to the general customer.
Third, the State Committee together with the general customer (State Unitary Enterprise) should identify the number and the staffing of the subcontracting organizations. Now, we have 45 subcontractors on the list. In my opinion, this will be a heavy structure to manage, therefore not all of them will be engaged in the work. Thus, please, identify the best and the most reliable out of these 45.
The forth tasks refers to all organizations: the State Committee, the State Unitary Enterprise, subcontractors, the Mayor’s Office and public organizations. I would like to ask all to know all the details about the process of the projects implementation in reconstruction of private housing. During the today’s site visit and during the yesterday’s session I got a feeling that while working we do not refer to the documents. Meanwhile, the documents were approved both by the authorities of the Republic and the Inter-Agency Commission. Therefore, the documents are the basis and we cannot allow any deviations.
And the last question I would like to voice. It relates to the overall appearance of the city. I have a request towards the authorities and the Mayor to legally solve the problem with the houses which were left destroyed since the first war and there are 90 of them. They should be removed, the place should be cleaned up and either new model houses are built there and the residents from the damaged suburbs move in them or these allotments are transferred to municipal property and used for parks or other municipal constructions. This should be done already this year and I will be discussing this with the authorities of the Republic”, said Panov.
To conclude with, the Head of the Inter-Agency Commission suggested forgetting why or who is to be blamed for the shortcomings in the process and try to focus on the work.

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