He could have been one of the worthiest sons of his homeland...

Sun, 12/08/2012 - 13:01

War is the omnivorous evil that destroys human destiny without being interested specially who is right and who isguilty. War is always accompanied by devastation and suffering. It crushes everything in its path, and leaves after the emptied, mangled, burned down souls, extinguished hopes, unfulfilled dreams ...

War of 2008 has claimed hundreds of innocent lives, and for the past two decades, the Georgian fascists ruined thousands of young lives because of certain political beliefs.
It is difficult to describe the pain, the hopeless despair that even after four years has been simmering for relatives and friends of the killed.
It is difficult to describe the torments of a mother who lost her child and not simply lost, but she saw his broken remains by shell explosion. This cannot be forgotten and forgiven ...
One of the victims of the Georgian genocide against South Ossetia was a quite young man Azamat Gagloev.
Azamat was a kind, smiling,modest, extremely charming young man, educated in the best Ossetian traditions. He could have been one of the worthiest sons of his beloved homeland, if his life had not been tragically ruined at the very beginning of his life.
As his mother Madina Tibilova is recollecting, her son was grieving about Ossetia.
"Azamat adored the entire Ossetian nation, was reading with enthusiasm all that even indirectly, concerned the history of Ossetia - said his mother. - In August 2008, my son was in Vladikavkaz; havinglearnt about the outbreak of the war, he unhesitatingly decided to go to Tskhinval."
She has added that in making the decision Azamat was firm.
"I asked him a single question" Why? " and he, even realizing the fact that he could help nothing, answered "I must!" and, without listening to anybody, left Vladikavkaz early in the morning of August 8, "- continues Tibilova.
The next day Azamat together with his father decided to take his grandmother off to North Ossetia. At the Zar road the Georgian snipers shot the Gagloevs` car. They came out of the car and decided to wait out in the wood. A shell exploded right next to them, tragically cutting short the life of both.
Azamat`s bride, Rose is recollecting: "Lately, he was often thinking of death, as if anticipating the forthcoming imminent death."
"Azamat considered that something would prevent him to realize the most secret desires. He was afraid of not to have time to marry, to have his own house, children, "- said Rose.
She added that Azamat was an unusually bright and well-wishing person.
"He was and has remained the only darling, beloved man for me, my guardian angel. While my heart is beating, Azamat will live in it ", - concluded Rose with tears in her eyes.
For his short but bright life, Azamat was to others the embodiment of courage, dignity and justice.
His friends have written in the article dedicated to his forty days funeral:
"Azamat will forever remain in our hearts as the alive and smiling angel ..."

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