A conference “Lessons learnt from the August war” held in Tskhinval

Thu, 02/07/2009 - 11:17

While opening the conference, the Minister of Defense of South Ossetia Yury Tanaev emphasized the importance of having events of this kind. "Since 1 August 2008, the Georgian-Ossetian relations dramatically aggravated. On the night of 8 August, Georgia shelled Tskhinval with all types of artillery targeting the residents of our Republic. The today's conference aims at analyzing the causes of the war and the course of the hostilities and shortcomings in the controlling of armed units", said the Minister.
The RSO President Eduard Kokoity, representatives of law enforcement and defense structures – the Interior Minister Valery Valiev, Chairman of the State Security Committee (KGB) Boris Attoev, Security Council Chairman Eduard Kotaev, participated in the conference.

The President participated in the discussion. Before staring his speech, Eduard Kokoity requested the gathering to rise in memory of those who died for freedom and independence of South Ossetia.
"While Georgia has not abandoned its ideas to seize South Ossetia and their extremist aspirations are supported by the USA and Western Europe demanding from Russia to withdraw the decision on recognition of South Ossetia, we should always remember the lessons learnt to be ready to defend our republic", said the President.
Eduard Kokoity pointed to the fact that assistance is being provided to the families of the killed armed forces members, and the way the treatment of those wounded was carried out.
"We have sources available to provide assistance to the families of killed personnel and organize medical treatment for wounded through allocating funds from the special bank account".
"Deputy Minister of Defense Igor Alborov assured the President that the wounded personnel would not be left aside and the families of those killed would be attentively treated. "About 80 wounded personnel were sent to rehabilitation and treatment. The families of the killed were provided with 100,000 compensations, as well as with humanitarian aid", he said.

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