Eduard Kokoity visited construction sites in Tskhinval

04/02/2010 - 11:49

The president of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity had an inspection visit to construction sites in Tskhinval. Deputy Prime-Minister Alexander Zelig, representatives of "Stroytechcontrol" and State Committee for Rehabilitation Projects accompanied him during his visit.

Results of the Session of the Inter-Agency Commission in Tskhinval

02/10/2009 - 16:37

The consequences of the Georgian aggression are still visible in South Ossetia, however, there are positive changes in the reconstruction process, the RF Deputy Minister for Economic Development Roman Panov told journalists after the sitting of the Inter-Agency Commission for reconstruction in South Ossetia (IAC) taking place on 30 September in Tskhinval. Together with the members of the IAC, the representatives of the RSO authorities, and the RSO President Eduard Kokoity participated in the sitting.

The next meeting of the Inter-Agency Commission will take place in Tskhinval

29/09/2009 - 15:14

The meeting of the Inter-Agency Commission (IAC) of the RF Government on support to rehabilitation and social and economic development of the Republic of South Ossetia will be held in Tskhinval on 30 September. “Upon the initiative of the South Ossetian side, the next meeting of the IAC will be held on the territory of South Ossetia. The discussion will focus on socially vital aspects. We are planning to discuss a number of serious concrete issues. We will also summarize interim results of the joint work implemented by power structures of South Ossetia and relevant ministries and agencies of the RF”, underscored Vadim Brovtsev, the RSO Prime Minister, - South Ossetia had completed the scope of works undertaken. Here, on the ground, we expect to show the results of our work, for the implementation of which funds had been allocated and we will set up the follow-up plan”.

Alexander Zelig: We must provide housing to those in need in Kvaisa

28/09/2009 - 16:01

On 24 September, Eduard Kokoity, RSO President nad Government officials paid a visit to Kvaisa. President had distributed tasks to cope with the consequences of the recent earthquake and to assist the affected population. The first Deputy Chairman of the Government Alexander Zelig was assigned to undertake control over the implementation of the reconstruction works in Kvaisa. Alexander Zelig told IA RES reporters about concrete steps to be taken upon President’s decision.
”President tasked us to elaborate a general plan for reconstruction in Kvaisa. We should thoroughly estimate the costs, terms of implementation of construction and mounting works. To meet this end, a commission went to the construction site. The commission includes Dmitry Breusov, the Chairman of the State Committee of Architecture to the Ministry of Economic Development, said Alexander Zelig.

Government officials visited construction sites in the Republic

24/09/2009 - 10:42

RSO President Eduard Kokoity visited reconstruction sites, the buildings destroyed during the Georgian aggression in August 2008. While this visit, he was accompanied by the Chairman of the Government Vadim Brovtsev, Chairman of the State Committee for Reconstruction Zurab Kabisov, the Director of “Direction for Implementation of Priority Project” Ismagil Karimov, as well as by representatives of contractor companies. President visited sites in Djava and Tskhinval districts of South Ossetia and private and municipal houses under reconstruction in Tskhinval city.

Eduard Kokoity held a meeting on housing reconstruction in South Ossetia

01/07/2009 - 19:16

The President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity held a meeting deoted to reconstruction of private and municipal housing partly or completely destroyed during the Georgian aggression in August 2008. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the RSO Government, Minister of Health and Social Welfare Nugzar Gabaraev, the Minister of Finance Inal Pukhaev, Prosecutor General Teimuraz Khugaev, Chairman of the State Committee for implementation of rehabilitation projects Zurab Kabisov, Chairman of the Committee for State Control and Economic Security Batradz Tokazov and Tskhinval Major Robert Guliev.
The RSO President listened to the briefing notes made by the meeting participants on the process of reconstruction of private and municipal housing, distribution of humanitarian aid and utilization of funds allocated from the special bank account to the population affected by the Georgian aggression. While discussing the issue of housing reconstruction, Eduard Kokoity mentioned that "advance funds had been already allocated for construction works. I would like to know how many houses we are ready to start with. Time was lost while all these issues were under discussion through the Inter-Agency Commission (IAC) and we should do as much as we can. Each person is important. Any delay is inexcusable. The population is waiting for concrete results of our work".

Preparation for the construction of new housing is ongoing in South Ossetia

19/06/2009 - 10:52

The construction of new housing at the locations of houses fully burnt or destroyed during the Georgian aggression was planned to start 1 June 2009. But the process has not been started yet, though there is funding. The demolition and clean up process has just started in Tskhinval. The Chairman of the State Committee for Implementation of Reconstruction Projects Zurab Kabisov told IA RES about the reasons for this delay.
“The damaged houses are being demolished. However, there is no approved consolidated list of houses identified for the priority reconstruction. The work is ongoing – the state and public organizations dealing with reconstruction of private housing had compiled the lists of houses, but these lists do no match each other in the content and the number of houses”, said Kabisov.

The Second Session on the Reconstruction of Private Housing in South Ossetia took place

19/06/2009 - 10:50

The last two days second session on the issues related to reconstruction of private housing partly or completely destroyed during the Georgian aggression in August 2008 was held. The session was presided by the Chairman of the Inter-Agency Commission (IAC) on Reconstruction of South Ossetia Roman Panov. The Chairman of the State Committee for Implementation of Rehabilitation Projects Zurab Kabisov, the Director of the State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) “Directory” (the general contractor for rehabilitation) Robert Bibilov, the Mayor of Tskhinval Robert Guliev and representatives of subcontracting companies attended the session.

Reconstruction Projects were presented in South Ossetia

15/06/2009 - 18:58

Presentation of design projects of private houses to constructed for the Republic residents, who lost their housing as a result of the Georgian aggression in August 2008, was held in South Ossetia. Twelve short-listed construction companies from Russia presented their house designs to the residents whose houses burnt down
"We should start a full-scale construction of private housing on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia", said the RSO President Eduard Kokoity.
Representatives of the construction companies presented their designs of houses to be made of modern construction materials.
"All construction materials are environmentally and porous to ensure insulation and sound-proof in the houses", noted the representative of the Stavropol Construction Company "Interyug" Eduard Marchanukov.
The house designs differed in their appearance, but the space does not exceed 125 sq.m. All designs foresee independent heating system and facilities. The price per sq.m. is 23,000 RUR. Upon an ad hoc agreement between the house owner and the subcontractor, it is possible to increase the standard space and build up a garage, basement and other annexes.