Alexander Zelig: We must provide housing to those in need in Kvaisa

Mon, 28/09/2009 - 16:01

On 24 September, Eduard Kokoity, RSO President nad Government officials paid a visit to Kvaisa. President had distributed tasks to cope with the consequences of the recent earthquake and to assist the affected population. The first Deputy Chairman of the Government Alexander Zelig was assigned to undertake control over the implementation of the reconstruction works in Kvaisa. Alexander Zelig told IA RES reporters about concrete steps to be taken upon President’s decision.
”President tasked us to elaborate a general plan for reconstruction in Kvaisa. We should thoroughly estimate the costs, terms of implementation of construction and mounting works. To meet this end, a commission went to the construction site. The commission includes Dmitry Breusov, the Chairman of the State Committee of Architecture to the Ministry of Economic Development, said Alexander Zelig.

It is important to design the elements of infrastructure with an account to seismic conditions of the area, in order to minimize the problems, which the resident of Kvaisa may encounter in the future. “Another task of this inspection visit is to assess the current state of many-storey municipal houses. Now, they are in emergency state, underlined Zelig. President tasked us to accommodate the inhabitants of these houses as soon as possible. Our common task is to thoroughly examine the houses and estimate the terms of construction and to provide the inhabitants with housing. In this regard, the issue of due control is extremely important. We should provide housing to those who need it. To those who are living and working in Kvaisa. Any speculations in this issue are unacceptable.”

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