Выборы президента РЮО - 2011

Supporters of Alla Dzhioeva have appealed to the top leadership of the Russian Federation

06/12/2011 - 09:29

Supporters of the ex-presidential candidate of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva, holding a meeting in the square, have appealed to the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin; they addressed to the top leadership of the Russian Federation to draw attention to the actions of representatives of Moscow which, according to authors of the appeal, «are supporting illegal actions of the authorities of the Republic» and do not want «to hear and see the truth of events». «Support of illegal actions of the authorities of the Republic, which have openly ignored the Constitution of the country and lost the people's trust, causes bewilderment and gives a handle for revenge to different international forces, that is neither in the interests of Russia, no in the interests of South Ossetia», - the appeal contains.

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will consider the appeal of supporters of Alla Dzhioeva

06/12/2011 - 09:27

The Supreme Court of South Ossetia has handed over the notification message about the date of the session, where the appeal of supporters of the ex-presidential candidate of the RSO Alla Dzhioeva against the judgment of the Supreme Court on recognition of presidential elections of South Ossetia on November, 27 invalid, will be considered. It has been reported to IA "RES" by the Chief Justice Atsamaz Bichenov. As he has said, consideration of the appeal will take place tomorrow at 9.00; then he Supreme Court will announce its judgment. It should be reminded that the situation in South Ossetia has become aggravated after cancellation by the Supreme Court of the results of presidential elections, which, according to the latest published information of the Central Electoral Committee, have been won by the oppositional candidate Dzhioeva.

Supporters of ex-presidential candidate Alla Dzhioeva announced the day of the inauguration, and appealed to the international community

05/12/2011 - 13:15

Representatives of staff of the ex-presidential candidate of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva have fixed the day of her inauguration on December, 10 despite the judgement of the Supreme Court to cancel the ballot. "People of South Ossetia voted for Alla Dzhioeva. We cannot be deprived of our victory and we have decided to fix the inauguration day for December 10 at 14:00 "- the representative of the staff has announced, addressing to the protesters in the central square of the capital. At the same time, he did not specify the date of inauguration.

Negotiations between the opposition and the authorities will be continued in Tskhinval

03/12/2011 - 11:34

Tomorrow supporters of the ex-presidential candidate of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva will continue negotiations with the authorities of the RSO through intermediary of Russia. It has been declared by one of Alla Dzhioeva supporters - Alan Pliev- at the meeting in Tskhinval. He has noticed that negotiations in the republican government were going on during the day.

CIS EMO: Elections in South Ossetia are held as much democratically as possible

29/11/2011 - 18:22

Voting in South Ossetia has been held as much democratically as possible. It was declared by a member of the international organization on supervision over elections CIS EMO Stavros Vitalis at the briefing in the Central Electoral Committee Information Centre. As he said, during the monitoring of presidential election in South Ossetia group CIS EMO has found out some new details in the electoral process. «I am a member of democratic movement in Greece which represents direct democracy. But here, in South Ossetia, our group visited several polling stations and has been amazed to see, how much democratically the voting process is being held».

The "Day of Silence" is announced in South Ossetia

26/11/2011 - 15:56

Today on the eve of the second round of presidential elections of the RSO the "day of silence" has been announced in South Ossetia. As reported to IA "Res" by the Chairman of the Central Election Committee of South Ossetia, Bella Plieva, the republic is ready for the second round of presidential elections. "November, 26, the day before the election, according to the law is announced as the "Day of Silence" so the voters could easily make their choice. Today, all campaigning activities related to the upcoming elections, are prohibited in the territory of the Republic.

KGB of South Ossetia temporarily closed the border with Georgia

26/11/2011 - 14:27

From November 24 according to the KGB of South Ossetia in accordance with the order of the Chairman of the Committee of the State Security of the Republic the personnel committee and the KGB border guard service are transferred to reinforced schedule of service. "As part of these measures, since the same time the simplified crossing of the state border with the Republic of Georgia in the settlements Mosabruni, Artsev, Sinagur and Karzman will also be suspended. Crossing the mentioned points will be resumed at 20:00 pm on November, 28 2011", - has been informed by the press service of the KGB of South Ossetia.

Georgy Kabisov: All of us should come on November, 27th and make their choice deliberately

26/11/2011 - 14:22

Quiz: according to the international observers the first round of presidential elections of the RSO on November, 13 has been held transparently, without serious violations.
How do you think, whether the second round of presidential elections will be so fair and objective?

Vyacheslav Gobozov, the leader of Socialist Party «Fydybaestae - Fatherland»:

I think that the second round of the Presidency of the RSO will also be held fairly. It seems to me, there are no preconditions that someone could undertake attempts to falsify the elections. The second round of the elections will be fair, and the winner will be that one whom the people of South Ossetia will vote for.

Georgy Kabisov, the ex-candidate for the Presidency, the Chairman of the State Committee of Information, Communications and Mass Media of the RSO:
Despite the political temperature, I think that the election campaign as a whole is being conducted within legal boundaries. It would be desirable to express gratitude to candidates who have not admitted any excesses, and, I`d like to believe that they will adhere to this position later on. Dignity consists not only in winning, but also in being able to lose with honour.

The second round of presidential elections in South Ossetia will be conducted without significant changes – CEC

26/11/2011 - 14:20

Conditions and procedure for voting in the second round of presidential elections in South Ossetia as a whole will not change. According to the Central Election Committee, on November 27 at 8:00, 84 polling stations will open in the Republic, including two of them - in the village of the Upper Ruck, where the citizens of South Ossetia, living in North Ossetia will be able to vote.

The Russian businessmen are ready to invest in the economy of South Ossetia

24/11/2011 - 21:28

A Round table on a subject «Ossetian breakthrough» in the economic sphere has been held at the Media centre "IR" in Tskhinval. Real steps on promotion the national economy development». The Deputy Minister of Regional Development of Russia Sergey Vereshchagin has acted at the meeting as the moderator of the action, who arrived in the Republic.