The second round of presidential elections in South Ossetia will be conducted without significant changes – CEC


Conditions and procedure for voting in the second round of presidential elections in South Ossetia as a whole will not change. According to the Central Election Committee, on November 27 at 8:00, 84 polling stations will open in the Republic, including two of them - in the village of the Upper Ruck, where the citizens of South Ossetia, living in North Ossetia will be able to vote.

One polling station will be functioning in the South Ossetian diplomatic mission in Moscow and one –in Sukhum. As before, five territorial election commissions (one in Tskhinval and four in the districts) will operate in the Republic. The head of the CEC of South Ossetia Bella Plieva has said that, as in the first round, a special stamp of the CEC will be affixed in the voters` passports to exclude the opportunity for unscrupulous people to re-vote at another polling station. "At this time the seal will be of another form and each polling station will have two of them - to reduce queues and speed up the voting process. At the polls representatives of the candidates will also sign the back of each ballot, "- she said. After the polls closing at 20.00 the voting data will be sent out of the polling stations to the territorial election commissions, and they, in turn, will send the generalized information to the CEC. "Preliminary results will be announced the day after the election. Then, the CEC should establish the voting results and draw up a protocol in the period within the legal boundaries (five days), and then formally announce them, "- has been noted at the CEC. The second round of voting will be declared successful, if more than 30% of voters, registered in the lists, take part in them. The winner will be determined by a simple majority. The CEC Chairman has stressed that about 80 observers from Russia, Poland, Israel, Transdniestria Moldavian Republic and the Nagorno-Karabakh are expected to attend the second round of elections. "The delegation of both chambers of Russian Federal Assembly and the Russian Central Election Committee will be watching the elections in South Ossetia. As observers, the presidential election in South Ossetia will be attended by representatives of the Public Chamber of Russia. The voting process, the data on attendance and preliminary results will be announced at the Information Center of the CEC. It is also planned to hold press conferences of international observers and representatives of public authorities ", - Bella Plieva has underlined. Security during the elections will be ensured by law enforcement coordinating headquarters of South Ossetia and the Russian FSS Border Control Agency. All the strategic facilities are under round-the-clock security of the law- enforcement officers. A number of other measures, aimed at ensuring safety of the election campaign and avoid provocations, has also been taken. Law enforcement agencies are also ensuring security at the borders of the Republic. It should be reminded, that on November 13 the presidential elections of the RSO and a referendum on the state status of the Russian language were held in South Ossetia. Among the 11 candidates for the presidency of the Republic no one was able to win enough votes in the first round. In this regard, a second round of the election of the president of South Ossetia will be held on November 27. To date, the sympathies of the candidates who did not reach the second round, have divided approximately equally between Anatoly Bibilov and Alla Dzhioeva. Three of the losers in the first round of the presidential candidates- Vadim Tskhovrebov (Director of the bakery products enterprise in Tskhinval) - 9.9%, Alan Kotaev (Deputy Mayor of Tskhinval) - 9.66% and Dmitry Tasoev (leader of the Social Democratic Party), - 9.5%, - declared about their decision to support Bibilov. Alla Dzhioeva has been supported by four other ex-candidates: Vladimir Kelekhsaev- 6.65% of votes, Soslan Tedety (SWAT commander, MIA) - 1.13%, Alan Pliev (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) - 1.05% and Dzhemal Dzhigkaev (ex-Minister of Health) - 0.95%. The ex- candidates - Georgy Kabisov and Sergei Bitiev, -who took the fourth and seventh place respectively, have not made a decision yet.

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