Supporters of ex-presidential candidate Alla Dzhioeva announced the day of the inauguration, and appealed to the international community


Representatives of staff of the ex-presidential candidate of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva have fixed the day of her inauguration on December, 10 despite the judgement of the Supreme Court to cancel the ballot. "People of South Ossetia voted for Alla Dzhioeva. We cannot be deprived of our victory and we have decided to fix the inauguration day for December 10 at 14:00 "- the representative of the staff has announced, addressing to the protesters in the central square of the capital. At the same time, he did not specify the date of inauguration.

An appeal to the international community, in which supporters of Dzhioeva asked to intervene in the situation, has also been read out at the meeting. "Taking into consideration, that the political crisis in the Republic could destabilize situation all over the Caucasus, we are appealing to you to intervene immediately in the current events in order to stabilize and restore the constitutional order" – is said in the statement to the UN, the European Parliament, the leadership of some countries, including those which have recognized South Ossetia.
It is also stated in the document, that in case of delay on the part of the international community, another tragedy can take place. Currently the meeting in the center of Tskhinval is still in progress. Despite the bitter frost, the protesters are intending to stay here until the end, while their demands have been satisfied. It should be reminded that the situation in South Ossetia escalated after abolition of the Supreme Court of the presidential election; according to recent unpublished data of the CEC, the opposition candidate Alla Dzhioeva has won the elections. The New elections are scheduled for March 25, 2012 by the Parliament of South Ossetia. Dzhioeva disagreed with the judgement of the Supreme Court; she declared herself the president of South Ossetia and her supporters have been holding protest rallies in the center of Tskhinval, demanding to recognize the victory of their candidate. December 3 Dzhioeva supporters voiced their main demands: recognition of the presidential elections, resignation of the incumbent president, Attorney General and the Chief Justice, to release political prisoners and holding inauguration of Alla Dzhioeva as the elected President of the Republic.

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