Eduard Kokoity visited construction sites in Tskhinval

Thu, 04/02/2010 - 11:49

The president of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity had an inspection visit to construction sites in Tskhinval. Deputy Prime-Minister Alexander Zelig, representatives of "Stroytechcontrol" and State Committee for Rehabilitation Projects accompanied him during his visit.

The visit started with the houses in Telman street in the downtown. New apartment houses are being built at the location of destroyed private houses. As Eduard Kokoity noted, "though it was one of the most problematic sites, all defects and shortcomings were eliminated and it is possible to speed up the work. According to a representative of subcontracting organization "Remist-Yug" engaged in the construction of this site, 85 workers are employed here and the site will be handed over end of February. Eduard Kokoity tasked Alexander Zelig to establish an ad hoc commission to deal with distribution of the apartments in these houses. While checking the 8-apartment house in the center of the city, Eduard Kokoity mentioned that initially there were problems with this house. "There was some disagreement with the residents or among them, and this had complicated the construction process. Now, the process has moved forward and the construction will start in few days", said Kokoity. The inspection participants saw the 6-flat house in Shanghai area. All apartments in this house are ready to be handed over to their owners; the house was reconnected to gas and water, and the heating system was completed. As the representatives of "Stroytechcontrol" have assured the government officials, all houses meet the safety requirements, and the existing problems are quickly eliminated.

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