Results of the Session of the Inter-Agency Commission in Tskhinval

Fri, 02/10/2009 - 16:37

The consequences of the Georgian aggression are still visible in South Ossetia, however, there are positive changes in the reconstruction process, the RF Deputy Minister for Economic Development Roman Panov told journalists after the sitting of the Inter-Agency Commission for reconstruction in South Ossetia (IAC) taking place on 30 September in Tskhinval. Together with the members of the IAC, the representatives of the RSO authorities, and the RSO President Eduard Kokoity participated in the sitting.

According to Panov, the sitting assessed the results of the reconstruction works done in the past year. “We should say frankly that there are sill visible consequences of the Georgian aggression. But we also see positive changes. To speed up the process, we, the Chairman of the IAC and the RSO President identified specialists to be responsible for the process. We had created all conditions: the system of legal relations, inter-governmental agreements were signed, funds allocation, elaborated frames for interaction between sub-contractors, contractor, the customer and the fund-provider. Therefore, we have discussed the technical issues related to more rapid approval of projects, a quicker coordination of budgets and task distribution by the Republic’s authorities to the project and fund allocation related organizations. We will ensure a quicker arrival of funds to the Republic and provision of necessary papers requesting for these funds by the authorities of South Ossetia”, said Panov.
He underlined that the results of this work are already visible: “Private housing and road construction is ongoing. We have a vast program on power supply which should be completed by the end of this year. We have good housing programs, those on education and healthcare. All these bring hopes”. While responding to the question of the IAC’s plans for the next year, Panov informed that having agreed with the authorities of the Republic, the 2010 emphasis will be still placed on infrastructural projects: “We will continue rehabilitation of the TRANSKAM highway and the road connection in general – this is a strategic task. Next year, we will implement projects on construction of landing ground for helicopters. We will also identify the location for them. All together we are planning to build up five of them. Next year we will be requesting the government of the RF to continue funding of private housing rehabilitation programs – this is our principal position. Next year, the programs, the programs on electricity and gas supply will be completed. One of the key tasks is to rehabilitate the water and sewerage systems. Technical documentation was lost in the fire during the war and this factor complicates the full-scale unfolding of works. We are now scanning and designing the networks. We are trying to install bigger capacity pipe to connect Tskhinval, to ensure bigger supply. By the end of next year we will settle the problem with sewerage”. As to funding of rehabilitation works in the Republic, Panov informed that as of toady, the cost of already rehabilitated and handed over constructions sites reached 2,6 bil RUR.”
”We have practically allocated funds of 4 bil RUR, i.e. the funding is implemented through advance payments. About 1,5 bil was paid in advance. Therefore, the organizations waiting for funding should more thoroughly prepare their documentation in accordance with the agreed templates and to provide with the papers timely. As soon as it is done, the funds will be provided within 10 days. Nonetheless, we are responsible for optimizing the funding process. This is what we were tasked with by the SO authorities”, said the Chairman of the Commission.
In his turn, the RSO President Eduard Kokoity told journalists that at their meeting, the participants discussed important issues of the reconstruction and optimization of funding process. “I would like to stress that the delayed submission of documents by contractors caused delays in fund allocation. This issue was discussed and quickly settled. In we have established direct contact with the RF on issues related to the reconstruction process so that there are no other mediators. This will help speeding up the process in reconstruction and fund allocation. In this regard, we are closely working with the Audit Chamber of the RF, the representatives of which arrived in our Republic. We stand for the necessity to have full transparency and control over the funds”, said the President.

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