Reconstruction Projects were presented in South Ossetia

Mon, 15/06/2009 - 18:58

Presentation of design projects of private houses to constructed for the Republic residents, who lost their housing as a result of the Georgian aggression in August 2008, was held in South Ossetia. Twelve short-listed construction companies from Russia presented their house designs to the residents whose houses burnt down
"We should start a full-scale construction of private housing on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia", said the RSO President Eduard Kokoity.
Representatives of the construction companies presented their designs of houses to be made of modern construction materials.
"All construction materials are environmentally and porous to ensure insulation and sound-proof in the houses", noted the representative of the Stavropol Construction Company "Interyug" Eduard Marchanukov.
The house designs differed in their appearance, but the space does not exceed 125 sq.m. All designs foresee independent heating system and facilities. The price per sq.m. is 23,000 RUR. Upon an ad hoc agreement between the house owner and the subcontractor, it is possible to increase the standard space and build up a garage, basement and other annexes.
In the house designs, each company took into consideration the climate conditions of South Ossetia, mentality of the Caucasus people and seismic situation. Therefore, the constructors of the Stavropol Construction Compnay "REMSTROY" noted that the width of the walls should not be less than 40 cm, and the load-bearing wall slabs should be made of bricks."
The Chairman of the State Committee for Implementation of Reconstruction Projects Zurab Kabisov mentioned that representatives of all respective construction companies would stay in South Ossetia for another 10 days and would be able to respond to all questions of beneficiaries.
To start the reconstruction a trilateral agreement should be concluded between the house owner, the customer and the subcontractors.
As to the brunt down municipal housing, according to Kabisov, the process of reconstruction of houses would be carried out simultaneously with that of private housing.
It was stressed at the presentation that 1,200 bil RUR had been allocated for the reconstruction of municipal housing.

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