Leonid Tibilov met with a delegation of Nagorno-Karabakh

Wed, 19/09/2012 - 18:39

President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov has received today the delegation of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, led by Deputy Head of the NKR Government Minister Gary Dzhangiryan, arrived in Tskhinval to celebrate the Republic Day. The delegation has also included General Secretary of the NKR Foreign Ministry Semen Afiyan.
The Head of State welcomed the guests on the ground of South Ossetia and thanked them for their attention in such a significant date for the Republic.

"We must continue the friendly relations existing between us. We have suffered much, yet the leadership and people are following the constructive policy,"- said the president.
In turn, Dzhangiryan has noted that people of Nagorno Karabakh feel the warmth of the brotherly people of South Ossetia.
"Each our arrival - is another step on the way to further strengthening of our relationship. We have always been with you and will try to develop our relations further ", - assured Dzhangiryan.
He also thanked Leonid Tibilov for warm reception in South Ossetia.
It should be reminded that since yesterday in South Ossetia have been arriving the guests to celebrate the 22th anniversary of the formation of the Republic. It is also expected the arrival of guests from Russia, Abkhazia, Slovakia, Nauru and other countries.

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