The presidents of Russia and South Ossetia are discussing bilateral cooperation

Tue, 21/05/2013 - 23:11

In Sochi, at this moment is being held a meeting of presidents of Russia and South Ossetia, Vladimir Putin and Leonid Tibilov. In the course of the meeting will be discussed various aspects of bilateral cooperation.

"This year we will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and we have developed certain mechanisms of cooperation. I am very glad that today we will have the opportunity to talk more about it, look at what is being done for South Ossetia to be developed at a rapid rate. I know that, unfortunately, there are still a lot of problems in the Republic, "- said Vladimir Putin at the beginning of the talks with Leonid Tibilov.
In turn, Leonid Tibilov noted that people of South Ossetia had high hopes for today's meeting in connection with solving the "urgent issues" of the country.
He noted that over the past year in the Republic had been done a lot, but had to be done more."
"We are positive in resolving the issues and I think that in August we will report to our people on the results of our work," - said Tibilov.
"I appreciate the opportunity to discuss a broad range of pressing issues to be addressed at the highest level, - said the head of South Ossetia. - 2013 year for our Republic is a marquee event, it is the fifth anniversary of the recognition of our independence by the Great Russia and we must approach to this question particularly responsibly."
Leonid Tibilov has noted that the existing bilateral legal framework consists of about 70 agreements, aimed at the future.
"With the help of Russia we were able to improve significantly the situation in many vital areas of the country. However, we are aware that a lot of unresolved issues still have to be addressed," - underlined the President of South Ossetia.
Leonid Tibilov gave the best wishes of the people of South Ossetia to the Russian President, health and prosperity of Russia, as well as warm thanks for the attention to the affairs of South Ossetia.

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