Consultations between the parties "Unity" and "United Russia" were held in Moscow

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 13:08

As part of the partnership, July 9 in Moscow were held consultations between the party "Unity" (South Ossetia) and the party "United Russia".
As IA "Res" was informed at the press service of the "Unity," "South Ossetian side was represented by Chairman of the political council of the party'' Unity'', the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Zurab Kokoev. The ''United Russia'' was represented by Deputy Secretary General of the party council, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznyak."

During the meeting were discussed the situation in South Ossetia and the prospects for further development of relations between the two parties.
Both sides stressed the fraternal nature of the relationship linking the "Unity" and the "United Russia".
"During the meeting, Zurab Kokoev has noted that in the upcoming parliamentary elections of South Ossetia the party ''Unity'' expects strong support of voters and a majority of seats in the parliament. He also told about the work of the party in the districts of the Republic, the problems with staffing and severe political competition. Zurab Kokoev has also noted that people trust the party "Unity", because it is true to its commitments to the people of the Republic and its partners, the main of which is the party ''United Russia. "
Sergey Zheleznyak has noted in turn that to date, the current bilateral cooperation is moving from cross-party cooperation to the interaction between the parliaments of the two countries.
He has stressed that it`s necessary to sign an agreement between the two parliaments, noting that the use of the relevant inter-Parliamentary opportunities and mechanisms will promote to solve the main problem - the restoration of the Republic of South Ossetia.
During the meeting have also been discussed the issues of organizing an international conference timed to the fifth anniversary of the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and interaction between the youth organizations of the two parties, as well as other topics.

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